Why “The Moon is an E.T. Space Station/Satellite” is a Credible Theory Based on the Facts

Why “The Moon is an E.T. Space Station/Satellite” is a Credible Theory Based on the Facts

The following is a mixture of facts, opinions and credible theories, and is meant to spark creative thought and imagination. The information was mined from internet and documentary research studies on the moon.

Humans have been spellbound by the moon since the dawn of civilization. I remember as a young lad living on a farm in the country, when it came time to go to school we were always out early in the morning waiting for the bus to pick us up. Often times while waiting for the bus, the moon is still very visible in the morning skylight. All that bus-waiting time left a curious young person a lot of time to ponder, day dream and think. When my thoughts drifted to the moon and what it could be, my intuition eventually led me to what years later I would learn is something similar to what others had already theorized — could the moon be an “eye in the sky” — intelligently designed and deliberately put there to monitor earth?

Now, as a child, my specific thought relating to this theory originated from this “feeling of being watched” while I gazed at and visually studied the moon. Eventually this feeling of being watched is what led to me think “why couldn’t a technologically advanced alien species have embedded giant microscopes/telescopes deep into the moon’s dark craters, out of view from anyone on earth who maybe be observing the moon?” I remember thinking how perfect it was, because of the way the moon naturally circles the earth, but I never considered the plethora of facts that further give credibility to this theory…

While nobody has yet proven where the moon came from, or how it came to be where it is, there have been many theories proposed. “The moon is an E.T. space station or observational satellite” theory was first proposed by two Soviet Astronomers back in 1970 who hypothesized the moon is hollow and was somehow purposely designed and towed into earth’s orbit based on some very compelling observations and facts. This theory is now backed up by several other credible scientists and theorists on the basis — but not limited to — the following facts and information…

Fact #1: The moon’s diameter is 400 times smaller than the sun’s, and curiously the sun also happens to be almost precisely 400 times further away from the earth, which is why the sun and the moon appear to be the same size in the sky; this same anomaly is also what allows for a total eclipse of the sun. When you consider the odds for the moon to randomly end up in an orbital position that allows for a perfect total eclipse are a zillion to one, this one observational fact alone should compel people to consider that the precise position of the moon, is perhaps, not an accident, but is there by design.

Fact #2: The impact craters on the moon are all of varying sizes and diameters, but they all measure the same depth no matter the diameter, which suggests there is possibly something under the surface rock stopping impacts from going deeper. Not only are they all the same depth, but the bottom of the craters are all convex, not concave like they should be. Theorists suggest that the surface is approximately 2.5 miles deep before hitting some sort of harder shell.

Fact #3: The moon, when hit by a large and heavy enough object creates a bell-like “gong” sound giving theorists the idea that the moon may be hollow on the inside. During the 1969 Apollo 12 mission’s assent from the moon back to earth astronauts released and dropped the Apollo 12 launch vehicle near where they had set up a seismograph they had previously installed on the moon’s surface to record what might happen. When the launch vehicle made impact with the moon’s surface it seismically reverberated and rang like a bell for nearly an hour. On the next mission, Apollo 13, project officials decided to intentionally crash-land a heavier portion of the rocket on the lunar surface, and when they did this the moon rang like a gong for over 3 hours and to a depth of over 20 miles. This infers that significant portions of the moon must be hollow on the inside and the chances are that this didn’t happen naturally, it had to have been artificially hollowed out, and who would have the technology to do something like this?

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Fact #4: By comparison to other planets in the solar system, the earth’s moon is closer to earth than it should be for its size. The moons around other planets are not only smaller and further away in relation to their mother planets, the earth’s moon is the only moon in our solar system that has a nearly perfect circular orbit; meaning the moon is phase locked in synchronous rotation with the earth. It takes just as much time for the moon to rotate around its own access as it does to complete its orbit around the earth… and as a result we only directly see one side of the moon’s surface at all times. (see video clip below) This offers speculation that inhabitants on the moon could operate out of direct view of anyone on earth.

Fact #5: The geological make up of the moons surface is made up of a combination of basalt rock (volcanic-like, cooled lava) and dust which consists primarily of chromium, titanium, and circonium. Scientists and experts have suggested that if materials were needed to protect a giant artificial satellite from the brutal effects of a space-like environment, the materials that currently make-up moon dust is what they would suggest. Not only is the moon made up of material that makes a perfect cloaking disguise it also perfectly protects it from impacting space debris and meteor impacts. Scientists have reported that the mineral and metallic composition of the material on the moon is unlike anything we’ve seen on earth and the apparent age of the moon is greater than that of our solar system.

Additionally, the moon stabilizes the earths tilt allowing for seasons throughout the year and drives the earth’s tides.  Without the moon we may not have seasons and without seasons humans may not even exist/survive on earth offering more evidence that the moons existence may, in fact, be there by intelligent design.

Finally, ever since the Apollo 17, 1972 mission to the moon, we haven’t been back to the moon. Why? Was is because of budget restraints as the Government claims… or could there likely be something more? Could there be a correlation between not going back and astronauts collectively reporting hundreds of streaking and/or flashing lights while on the moon? For over a century, observers of the moon from earth have even sighted unexplained lights moving about the surface of the moon.

While it’s true that facts alone don’t necessarily mean a theory is true, if you use your own judgment after taking some time to consider these facts and considering the astronomical small odds of all these facts being coincidence, shouldn’t this knowledge, at a minimum, lead to you believe that the moon may be more than what it seems?

And if this theory is true, that leaves us with the questions: who built the moon, who placed it there and how long ago?

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