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Welcome to Taboo Jive, an interactive site designed to create an online space for people around the world to anonymously address and debate the most controversial issues on our planet, from politics & religion to parenting & sexuality, to politics & sustainability, and much more. All of the content posted on Taboo Jive is free to access, and we encourage you to post a short opinion about the articles you read and tell people what you think. In the digital age, your we believe that opinion is tied to influence. We invite you to make that voice louder by creating a FREE TabooJive account, which will enable you to log into the website and post comments on blog posts and pages.

This website was created as an interactive discussion forum for complex issues, and was not intended to be a place to marginalize, oppress or foster racist or prejudiced attitudes, or to engage in trolling and hateful language just because you may not agree with a particular point of view. It was created to help bring to light forgotten and repressed aspects of the human condition and origins, with the hope of saving and remembering what is valuable and meaningful in our world, while overcoming the nagging wrench of cultural morality and repression. In the spirit of the taboo and the controversial, please join the conversation!


The creators and contributors of Taboo Jive openly encourage the discussion of taboo and controversial topics on our site, but the views and opinions shared by members, bloggers and even content contributors do not necessarily reflect the personal attitudes, views, or opinions held by the creators of Taboo Jive, or the whole team. They are instead a representation of the opinions of individuals partaking in open discussion. This is the whole purpose of our site. As such, they symbolically reflect the value of freedom to speak one’s mind and participate in the composition of a message to be shared by all.

Our political stand? While the name ‘Taboo Jive’ and the fact that we’re willing to address, facilitate and discuss topics of a controversial nature may appear to place us on the far “left” side of the political spectrum, we do not consider ourselves on the whole as representing any particular political ideology. If anything, we collectively believe that established political ideologies are limiting our true potential. We intend to represent and encourage open, organic comments, opinions and arguments from all sides of the political spectrum in our article writings and commentaries. Whatever your politics – say your piece! We don’t have to agree, but we do ask you to be kind, willing to listen, and mutually respectful in all debates. We absolutely do believe that progressive and open discussion is more important for our evolution as a species than one-sided propaganda.

* It is under no circumstances the intention of Taboo Jive to infringe upon copyrighted work (e.g. writings, photos, videos, etc.). If we have posted something of yours that is copy written or trademarked and you wish for us remove it, please contact us immediately at We are also always more than willing to give credit where it is due, and preemptively apologize for not doing this sooner. *

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