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A Virtual Discussion Board Debating the Controversial

Welcome to Taboo Jive, an interactive site designed to create an online space for people around the world to anonymously address and debate the most controversial issues from politics & religion to parenting & sexuality! All of the information posted on Taboo Jive is free to access and read, but we also encourage you to post a short opinion about the articles you read and tell people what you think. Your opinion is your power, make that voice louder by logging into the website with a user-name and post a comment or visit the ‘Forum’ for further discussion on article topics.

This website was created as an interactive discussion board for people to come together to approach topics that are typically suppressed, forbidden or controversial for the sake of education, social sustainability, awareness, entertainment and growing beyond the limitations of culture. This is not a place to marginalize, oppress or foster racist or prejudice attitudes. It was created in hopes of bringing to light forgotten and repressed aspects of the human condition with the hopes of saving what is valuable and meaningful while overcoming the nagging wrench of cultural morality. In the spirit of the taboo please join our conversation.


While the staff at Taboo Jive openly encourages the discussion of “taboo topics,” the views and opinions shared by members do not reflect personal attitudes, views, or opinions, held by the creators of Taboo Jive.

They are instead a representation of the opinions of individuals partaking in discussion. As such, they symbolically reflect the value of freedom to speak one’s mind and participate in the composition of a message to be shared by all.

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