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Transgender, Media Ignorance and Suicide


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Growing up, I’ve always known the best way to get through life is to treat others in the same way you would want to be treated yourself. Like Ellen Degeneres says: “be kind to one another”. Its a fairly simple and straightforward logic that every human being should have within them. Which is why it makes me so mad when people set about to openly discriminate and bully one another for simply being who they are.

Being gay myself, I’ve suffered intolerance and bigotry from people. Some of those being members of my own family. So I know how it feels to be alone and have nobody you can turn to. Obviously though I realize that’s very different to being transgender.

I just don’t understand why, with the way the world has progressed in various ways, that we still face such ignorance from others. I know we have come a long way, but I also know we have such a long journey ahead of us until full equality for ALL actually happens.

Like I say in my video (below, in response to a disturbing article printed in the Sun Newspaper) I am not a transwoman, I’m Cisgender. The reason why I did what I did, was because not only do I have a lot of friends in the trans community….the article printed in the Sun Newspaper reminded me way too much of the Lucy Meadows story. I know so many trans-people have already committed suicide because they can’t go on anymore. I don’t want another newspaper to cause another trans person to take their own life. Something had to be done and I was so angry, because it would have offended so many of my friends.

I’ve also realized my letter has opened up another discussion, because of what (and who) it’s based on. That being: healthcare. For everyone. On a universal level. I realize some people are led to believe Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) only did what she did to get the trans surgery etc… now, I’m not going to point fingers and agree with this, but what does that tell you about how desperate a person can get to receive the treatment they deserve? I know over here in England, we are very lucky with having the NHS. HOWEVER in America and many other places, transgender surgery is an extremely costly affair — that is not fair. Obamacare is a good start, but so much more could be done. Free healthcare should be available to anyone who needs it; especially as far as transitioning goes, because for most, its a matter of life and death.

Here is my video response to the article printed in the Sun Newspaper…

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