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THIS is Why #45 Thinks ‘A Good Relationship With Russia Wouldn’t Be So Bad.’


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What is Russia’s number 1 export? Fossil fuels (Oil and Coal)

tillerson exxon
Rex Tillerson

Who is Trump’s Secretary of State? Rex Tillerson

Where did Tillerson come from? Exxon Mobile

Who gave Tillerson a partnership award? Vladimir Putin

Who secretly spent billions for a 20% share in Russia’s largest oil company and is hiding their identity in the Cayman Islands? Could it be Exxon Mobile??

Who governs the Cayman Islands? Britain

Who was one of the first foreign officials Trump met with? Uber conservative British prime minister Theresa May

To whom has Trump pledged unwavering support? Japan

Who is the largest importer of fossil fuels outside of China? Japanorder-of-friendship

Where does Japan rely on for fossil fuels? The Middle East

Who is Trump at war with? The Middle East

Who would generate billions from selling fossil fuels to Japan? Exxon mobile

Who wanted to sell oil to Taiwan? Donald Trump

Who slapped him in the face for trying to develop business relations with Taiwan? China

Who has Trump trashed throughout his campaign? China

Why has he trashed China? Because they get oil from Saudi Arabia and don’t pay Russia enough for oil

Who is deregulating the fossil fuel industry? Donald Trump

Who allowed the Dakota pipeline to proceed? Donald Trump

Who secretly promised to relieve Obama’s sanctions against Russia? Mike Flynn

Who wants Flynn’s fall to be a “trust” issue? Donald Trump

Why does trump want this to be a “trust” issue? Because a legal issue means an investigation which may reveal secret oil deals in place with Russia

What does this add up to? Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson, representing Exxon Mobile, have a fossil fuel deal in place worth billions in personal kickbacks and currently there are business deals led by Trump and Tillerson being negotiated to sell Russia’s oil in the US, Japan, and Europe.

Who owns this president? Exxon mobile

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