By Midnite Writer

I was appalled to learn today that a biggie e-publisher and selected ghost writers are on a mission to re-writing famous, classic literary works of art in a format that would spice them up.  Having read these classic novels in high school, I find this to be a horrendous and intrusive act, copyright expiration or not!  The best part of these novels was the provocative language of the author that stimulated the imagination through the creative mind’s eye, suggestively taboo.

So what’s next?  Will Alice in Wonderland be rewritten too, about how Alice had sex with the white rabbit while the evil Queen watched? Or, maybe Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer will be about two gay guys.

What is wrong with society today that these publishers have to infringe on the rights of the families of these famous authors and their work?  Are they so greedy, so hungry and vicious that they have to take someone else’s literary work and trash it because they can’t come up with original material on their own that sells the sizzle??

Shame, Shame, Shame.

How disrespectful to these celebrated, renowned literary authors to capitalize on a fad!  I am truly ashamed of my fellow man’s behavior,  and moreover of that of my fellow peer writers who are participating in this project, as well.  There is a time and place for smut; but it is not here in classic literature.  I refuse to read any of these “re-writes”, and I encourage that no one else read them either.

So we hide in our closets or sit in the bathtub reading and drooling over “mommy porn” as it’s currently being referred to.  It’s just smut. Geeeze. Get a life!  But leave the classics to classy please!  It is my hope that the families of these wonderful and gifted authors don’t take this lying down, for this is blatant deformation of an artist’s work and sleazy plagiarism at its best!



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