The L Project


By: Stephanie Miller

“UK lesbian artists band together to combat homophobic bullying.”

In essence, The L Project is part non-profit organization bringing together lesbian artists for the purpose of drawing awareness to the LGBT community and other organizations involved with the LGBT community, and it’s also part artistic project.

The group was founded by Georgey Payne in Soho, London back in 2011, and ever since they have garnished a wide-range of support that is growing on a daily basis—from the LGBT community and beyond.

It’s not simply that The L Project is a group of lesbian musical artists, but a group of fantastic artists who are genuinely talented that create music for an inspiring reason. Composed of already accomplished and recognized artists, The L Project is like the LGBT community’s Super Group that is sure to entertain everyone who listens while also conveying an important message.

The L Project runs on the philosophy that by exposing the nature of homophobic bullying, then it will be abated. In essence, awareness becomes the very deterrent. When talking about why she formed The L Project, Georgey Payne said,

“I noticed one night he was worried about going home after working an evening, and when I asked him what was wrong he told me he was being bullied at school. I then listened while he explained everything that had been happening, and just remember feeling so sad at what he was having to go through. Being a songwriter, the best way I could think of to help raise money and awareness to prevent this kind of thing happening to others was to write a song. I then asked the most talented UK lesbian artists I know for their help by getting together to record it for charity, and they all said yes – without hesitation.”

On February 11, 2012, The L Project will be releasing its Charity Single in which all proceeds will go to LGBT charities, such as Diversity Role Models and Stonewall. They’re a fantastic group of artists with entertaining and enlightening music; sure to be a great addition to any music collection.

For more information, click on their website, The L Project, or Fan Page.

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