The Killing Cycle Continues While a GOP Watches

The Killing Cycle Continues While a GOP Watches

White gunman sprays senseless death and mayhem,
Terror fills hearts beating with fear and trepidation.

Trump speaks with teleprompter words,
Hollow words from heart of proven stone.

The media heaps praise on his presidential words,
Separate from leaden leaders knowing no shame.

Ponderous NRA words ring the tills of weapon sales,
Said to arm more citizens to mitigate slaughters to come.

LaPierre calculates new sales of guns in bonuses,
Which buffer the million already banked each year.

Congressmen speak measured words of outrage,
Privately assuring comfort to lobbyers of guns.

Progressives cite rising tides of lethal weapons,
Reflexively, gun sales soar and gun-laden caches grow.

Media monitors Hospital rooms filled with victims,
And the friends and family keeping vigils of hope.

Ravaged bodies arrive on slabs cold with death,
While random citizens cluck words of savage loss.

Dusk, then dark comes over a gun-plenty land,
Dawn only throws more programmed dice of death,
Tossed by a divided land and gorging citizen carry.

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