The Duality of Pisces & Winter

The Duality of Pisces & Winter

By: Raelea C. Phillips

Winter has two sides; a duality similar to that of the water sign, Pisces which begins in the final month of winter. While winter contains the dark melancholy of loss it also holds the promise of hope for a new season and new beginnings. We often forget the light that gets lost in the dark. We often disappear into hibernation forgetting that winter is a time of reflection while anticipating the rebirth of spring. After the sun leaves the water sign the ice is eventually melted away by the fires of Aries.

When the sun resides in the constellation, Pisces, we find the camouflaged shield that protects the sensitive soul who’s birthdate falls during this time. The same camouflage is seen worn by hunters of many cultures. For example, some Native Americans hunt deer, buffalo, rabbit, and bear during the cold months utilizing every part of the animal for food, clothing and tools. Mother Earth still provides sustenance while the crops are dormant and trees are not bearing fruit.

Sea-green Pisces contains two fish in opposite directions: one is stagnate and unmotivated while the other moves perpetually forward. This is the cause for much turmoil and confusion for the deep water sign. Pisceans come across as undirected when in reality they are visionaries. They are often accused of being detached and uncaring when the opposite is true. Pisceans are idealistic and compassionate people containing hidden but self explored dreams to better humanity through the arts, music, and teaching. They are quite imaginative possessing a creative mind without boundaries in which we all had as children but for some reason let go along the way. The downward fish stays still in a hibernating coma while the upward fish swims forward through a motion of dreams finding achievement despite the unmoving cold. This reminds us that spring is coming with fresh growth and the opportunity for an innovative approach to life.

As we float on the waters of the twelfth sign I can reflect on many dark moments that stirred during those gloomy days while living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Those winters are brutal for the obvious cold temperatures but more so for the lack of sun. It was in that darkness that I sometimes lost my direction and motivation for creativity and expression; losing my sense of purpose. I saw this same lack of ambition creep into the lives of many others as they struggled to get through another snowy day of shoveling and driving on ice! Some just wanted to go the way of the downward stagnate fish and quit everything.

In order to escape the sadness I repeatedly forced myself to go through the ten minute ordeal of donning an obnoxious layer of clothing to stay warm for long walks along Lake Michigan. The air was cold to breathe but felt refreshing and revitalizing. With each step I was inspired by the delicate, peaceful silence of snowfall. The trees were covered in drifts of snow and ice crystals hung glistening like chandelier pieces. The woods were still and quiet and the only sound I heard was the crunching of snow beneath my boots. These walks inspired me to move along with the upward fish; writing many poems and songs.

Winter and Pisces are coming to a close once again while spring and Aries await your welcome. The dogwoods will bloom and the tulips will sprout up in many glorious colors. I can already see some small leaves growing on the willow in my front yard. Nature is ready to sing. She has been silent and alone for three months. Her voice will echo a beautiful harmony of color and provide us sweet strawberries from Guntersville, Alabama, mouth-watering tomatoes from Racine, Wisconsin, scrumptious pears from Worcester, Massachusetts, and tasty leafy greens from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

I enjoy the transition of winter to spring; the opportunity to start anew. Winter is a time of reflection especially when huddling close to someone seated near a warm and blazingly beautiful bonfire. The ending of Pisces and the Spring Equinox is the time for starting over. This year it is Sunday, March 20th, the day of the full moon, so plan something special for your blossoming endeavors! Everyday is the first day of the rest of your life but some days can be celebrated with extra excitement. For me, spring will begin in Northeast Georgia enjoying the vineyards; sampling wine from the precious grapes grown on our great Mother Earth!

Reflecting Melancholy

Pardon the dark skies
Pardon the winter shade
It has left us for a while
And taken the melancholy with it.

Spring Has Come

Spring has come
My first in Wisconsin
Seagulls dive into cool waters
Of Lake Michigan
A park provides contentment
And enchantment
Passersby with their happy canines
Couples holding hands
Smelling the fragrance of springtime
Nappers soaking up the sun
Sprawled out on blankets
That cover green lawns
The breeze carries laughter
Barking and chirping
The sounds of a new dawn
The trees not quite in full bloom
But spring has come
Bringing delight to everyone
Here in Wisconsin.

Poetry by Raelea C. Phillips

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  1. great article and beautiful poetry cant wait to read about all the signs

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