The Detailed Universe, Area 51 & Gray Aliens

The Detailed Universe, Area 51 & Gray Aliens

According to string theory, the universe has not just three or four dimensions, but eleven dimensions, ten of space and one of time. We do not observe the extra spatial dimensions because they are curled tightly around each other.

The most distant galaxy ever observed is estimated to be around 13,000,000,000 light-years away. Discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2004, it is located behind the galactic cluster Abell 2218, which bends the object’s light. It is a small, energetic galaxy whose light that is seen on Earth now would have set out when the universe was just 750 million years old. This is the most distant object that can be observed consistently; some ephemeral gamma-ray bursts have been observed that are slightly more distant than this object.

After watching the two videos below, perhaps someone would like to make an attempt at explaining our Universe and it’s endless possibilities. Enjoy!

It is currently illegal for U.S. Citizens to approach or make contact with Extra Terrestrials or any spacecrafts. Why would we have a need to enforce a law of this nature? Maybe it’s just a matter of contingency or maybe our government knows more about our universe than they’re letting on.

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