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The Female Orgasm: From one Man’s Perspective

The clitoris is the only organ on the human body made with just one purpose: pleasure.

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Five Things That Women Don’t Know About Men

By John Shore One of the things in life of which men are most acutely aware is that there are women everywhere. Today, for instance, I’ve already seen five or six different women. And that was just looking out my living room window. And no, I don’t stand in my living room, blatantly ogling people as they walk by. That’s […]

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A Philosophy Of Patriarchy: ‘The Male Disease’ by George Carlin

By Randall Stephens Thankfully, times are progressing but we’ve still got a long way to go. Many of the suppressed can be grateful to liberals for this as they’ve been uniquely instrumental in going to bat for equal rights. If it were up to most traditional conservatives we’d still be living back in 1950’s when men dominated in nearly every […]

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Whether or How to Disclose an STI when Dating Online

Shared by: Interracial Dating Facebook Fanpage … check ’em out! Even at the best of times, dating can be pretty complicated. Now, imagine what it can be like when you have an incurable sexually transmitted infection (STI). Facing the humiliation, people’s ignorance and rejection can be quite oppressing for sufferers trying to penetrate the dating arena, no matter how positively […]

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Sometimes I Wish I Was A Man

By Midnite Goddess Yes, yes I do!  To live in a right-now state of being where everything is based on logic and not emotion; where love is an action word, a commitment, a dedication; where sex is a natural primal drive; and food is merely a means of survival to carry out the rest; where life decisions are made clearly […]

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