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Matthew Shepard’s Legacy

Follow more from Faith McLay –> here. Fourteen years ago today, 21-year-old Matthew Wayne Shepard succumbed to the injuries inflicted upon him a few days earlier by two men he had met in a bar.  Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson later both received two consecutive life sentences for their crime. But this isn’t about them. This is about Matthew, a young […]

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Irish Survey Reveals Shockingly High Risk of Suicide Among Trans* People

Follow more from this author on Facebook here: Faith McLay A recent survey by the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland revealed rather horrifying numbers: 78 percent of respondents said they had considered suicide; 63 percent within the past year. Nearly 40 percent had attempted suicide at some point in their lives, and of these 40 percent — almost three quarters […]

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Wipe Out Transphobia: Emma Bailey

Shared via Wipe Out Homophobia After Wipe Out Transphobia’s recent rise in popularity and boost in numbers, I asked the creator, Emma Bailey if she wouldn’t mind giving us a little more background on her page, community and mission…. 1. What made YOU become an online activist? After I came out, a number of things happened to me. I got involved in […]

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The Secret Language

By Christopher Bryant, Guest writer for Wipe Out Homophobia In 1950s Britain, when it was a punishable offence to be homosexual, a slang called Polari flourished. Polari provided a way for gay people to talk to each other in code. If you wanted to say to a friend, for example, “Look at that man next to me, I’d like to […]

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Talking Turkey

By Russell Jones, guest writer for Wipe Out Homophobia So, how did a guy in Scotland, an ocean away from America’s most un-Christian Christian organization, the homophobic, equality-denying, corrupt National Organization for Marriage (NOM), get involved in battling their spiteful ways? Well, let me tell you… I love a good argument. I had been battling racists and homophobia on Facebook […]

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Hate Mail: WARNING – Do NOT drink liquids over your keyboard whilst reading this page

In response to this hate mail, I decided to address this issue by taking a humorous and lighthearted approach to replies.

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Bystanders and Bullies: Using and Abusing Personal Power

As I think back on that time, I can find a way to feel sorry for Jared. Over the years since, I’ve learned that many bullies were themselves bullied or abused by parents, older siblings, or other authority figures.

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Harvey Milk Day

The first openly gay elected official, he was aware of the tremendous discrimination and prejudice that confronted gays and lesbians. Under his urging, the city council passed a Gay Rights Ordinance in 1978 that protected gays from being fired from their jobs.

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IDAHO: International Day Against Homophobia/Biphobia & Transphobia

By that time a new campaign had been launched calling for a universal decriminalization of homosexuality, and by May 17th 2006 it had attracted support from several Nobel Prize winners

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