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Bystanders and Bullies: Using and Abusing Personal Power

As I think back on that time, I can find a way to feel sorry for Jared. Over the years since, I’ve learned that many bullies were themselves bullied or abused by parents, older siblings, or other authority figures.

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The Gay Holocaust


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Gay Myths Busted

In fact, the same study found that gay couples tend to be better at resolving conflict and encouraging positive emotions.

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To My 7th Grade Self…

Maybe there’s something to this.  Last week, I did a bit of “time-traveling”.  Almost simultaneously, there was a powerful video released called “To My 7th Grade Self”.  Brilliant idea!  If only we could. Our collective minds were in the same place.  Telling my 7th grade self to get it together and move on would be a life-changing event.  I know that, now. […]

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WHOF: Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook

By: Thomas Drendil WHOF’s mission: To make everyone equal, because equal rights aren’t equal until everyone has them! Since 2010, Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook (WHOF), with a simple yet powerful message and virtual platform, has been combating the negative imagery that many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals have to deal with on a daily basis from ignorant, uninformed and […]

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Part III Emily Loves Annie

Immediately their wedding photo popped up on the screen. It was taken by Paul. He caught them just as they had mushed cake all over each others faces. They were so…happy.

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Part II Emily Paints Faces

Editor’s Note: Here’s the title and link to part 1 of Emily’s story —>  ‘Happy‘ It had been six months since Emily had been found on the doorstep of Pula’s Funeral Home.  True to his word Paul had set her up with a job as his make up artist.  The  last one had finally quit after getting pregnant because she could […]

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Why It Matters To Me

Editors note: Ron Kemp is a blogger @ Enough is Enough and is featured as Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook‘s ‘Guest Writer of the Month’ for April, 2012. By Ron Kemp Twelve years old.  I’m on vacation in a little rural city named Portsmouth, VA.  My aunt, with whom I was spending the summer, prearranged with her friend and neighbor to […]

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Emily hugged her knees to her chest a little tighter.  It was going on eleven pm. Eight hours, it was her mantra. In eight hours the sun would crack through the March sky and give her some relief, some warmth and some safety.  She hated the night time with a passion.  Eight, eight, eight, she hummed to herself rocking a […]

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Supporting Diversity Role Models

By Ron Kemp This is getting good.  Lately, there’s been more “good news” stories to write about than the heavy alternate.  I like that. In the U.K., there’s an organization called Diversity Role Models.  Their mission is to do just that:  provide role models for LGBT teens in an effort to help combat bullying and avoid attempted suicides. The movement […]

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