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Menthol Slim One-Twenty Blues: A Poetry Review on Walter Beck

Walter Beck’s poetry is not for the weak spined, new age generation who look for light at the end of every dark tunnel and believes that fairness can be doled out through the power of positive thinking. But they should read it, even if it’s force fed down their throats between their helpings of Wiccan poetry and spiritual healing books, […]

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Q&A With Poet James Schwartz On Being Q&A

James Schwartz is the author of The Literary Party: Growing up Gay and Amish In America, a work of poems and short stories.   His poetry can also be found in Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets On the Mid-Western Experience, Milk and Honey Siren: A Nostrovia! Poetry Anthology and All Poetry is Prayer: A Fire Anthology.  He is currently at […]

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Male Circumcision: A Necessary Cut?

Circumcision (the removal of some or all of the foreskin of a male’s penis) made headlines again in Cologne, Germany this week where a court ruled it illegal to circumcise an infant for religious reasons regardless of parental consent.  This new law was apparently brought on by the case of a doctor in a lower court whose circumcision on a […]

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Sex With Robots

Speaking of orgasm (that’s what this is all about anyway, right?) in a recent sex study researchers found that some women can bring themselves to orgasm just by thinking about it.

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Equality Starts in the Classroom

According to the Center for Disease Control, just having a gay straight alliance group in a school dramatically decreases depression, marijuana and alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts and unexcused absences, imagine the positive outcome if an inclusive history were taught.

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The Scarlet Letters of the GMC

When asked how long the GMC has held a tenuous relationship with the larger Mennonite conference and ruling bodies, Pastor Amy laughed, “For over 325 years!” The GMC was removed as a conference member in 1997 and again in 2002 for full inclusion of sexual minorities, once for baptizing a gay man and then for ordaining a gay man.

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Kate pulled a potato out of the bin and sniffed it.  It was good.  She threw it on the chopping board and began slicing it with one of her huge kitchen knives. “So let me get this straight,” she said, “they put it in front of you and you didn’t know what it was?” Mark shook his head, “No, I […]

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Saving Spaces

“Are you ever going to get over this?” Ed asks me with annoyance. “Unghhh.” I say without looking at him, my tongue angrily probing the hole between two teeth. He knocked one out last summer. Accidentally, we were moving a couch. “What? Oh Jesus, you’re not poking at that hole again are you? Go to the dentist already. I said […]

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Winner of the January Fiction Writing Contest: The Pen Prostitute, “Saving Spaces”

By: Taboo Jive Editors I would like to first thank everyone who submitted work to the first month of our 2012 Taboo Jive Fiction Writing Contest. It was an amazing turnout, especially since we didn’t offer a huge prize. But, as many of you have probably tried to publish in other magazines or publications, much of the time it isn’t […]

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