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The Homecoming Players Take On “8 the Play”

The Homecoming Players in Ithaca, New York, for which I serve as artistic director, won a slot in the national series of staged readings of Dustin Lance Black’s new documentary play, 8, which we performed on August 10. We were thrilled to be part of this program, and a fine party we had. Our plan was to raise enough money […]

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Chick-Fil-A: Real Chicken, Real Hate

Advocates for equality try to take the high road, because battling hate with hate doesn’t bring progress.

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Driving in the Rain: A Heartwarming Journey from Loss to Resilience

Hockett has written a captivating story which quickly engrosses the reader: it’s impossible not to care about what happens to this young widow and her two young children.

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The Equality Mantra

In July 2010, as I read yet another comment of not so thinly veiled hate on a thread on Facebook, two things happened to me: (1) I vowed never to keep quiet in the presence of a hate comment (on Facebook, or anywhere else), and (2) this quote—baldly borrowed from Shakespeare and Martin Luther King, Jr.—formed in my head: “We […]

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Facebook Human Resources: A Power House Network & Community

ABC: Anti-Bullying Coalition   ABC is a Non Profit Organization based out of Michigan City, Indiana About Us: We are passionate about implementing pro-active anti-bullying solutions into our school system and as far around the world as we can grow! We have found such need in our community to advocate for families as well as help change the belief that […]

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