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Can We Talk?

We must not normalize on any level what is abnormal.

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Primal Need

“Don’t move, don’t be afraid, just let go” as he says this I can feel my clothing being removed with such reverence that when he leans my back against his chest the adrenaline slithers away and leaves me in a state of stupor.

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German Cultural Taboos

Shared By: Mark F. Weber @ My German Travels Avoid stumbling over German cultural taboos while traveling in Deutschland for business or pleasure. The German people are very gracious when a visitor shakes their cultural norms. To show respect, especially in business, understand Germany’s customs and avoid stepping into a taboo hole. What is common in America and other countries, […]

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Taboo Jive Facebook Fan Page – Join Us!

Follow our news feed on the Taboo Jive Fan Page by clicking this link, then “Like”…. Taboo Jive FB FP Be sure to share us with anyone in your network that you think would have an interest in following reports on the Taboo/Controversial. Thanks for your support! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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Men-OH-Pause: The Second Virginity

By: Diva Dee It’s already been established that men and women reach their sexual peaks at different stages throughout their lifetimes.  Well dang! It’s hard enough to deal with the moods on a daily basis let alone mid-life visions of no more sugar-plums dancing in our heads.  It is another established fact that women go through menopause during this time; […]

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