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Mr. Mulberry

I am one of those unusual anomalies you find when thinking of political and ideological combinations: a male feminist. I proudly follow and support feminist voices, organisations, individuals and legislation in Britain, as well as the international feminist movements (such as increasing awareness of the Republican Party’s war on women, a literal and mainstream example of the inherent misogyny of […]

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Race Woman No More

Feminism fascinated me greatly because I was taught from childhood that a black woman is supposed to suppress her feminist leanings in order to support the Black man…

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An Ode to Some Childhood Buddies – Barbie Doll and Friends

When I went to college, one of the first classes I took was Women’s Studies. How could I resist learning about the history of women since I am a woman? My professor was named Dr. Jean Peterson and she was a cool hippie chick from back in the day, complete with graying jet-black hair to her waist; she was so […]

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Critical Thinking for the Common Good

I learned that although the history of African-Americans is one filled with pain, we are survivors and have much to be proud of. In our veins, flow the blood of kings and queens who fought and died for their beliefs and who would be saddened by the state of their descendants who have forgotten where they come from.

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A Village Without Love: The Sad & Sorry State of the Black Community

There has been an ongoing war between the sexes in the Black community for decades and it is time for it to end because it’s pathetic and the only people hurting are the children. 70% of Black children reside in a single parent household; usually the mother and Black children are highly overrepresented in the foster care system. Although Blacks […]

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The Fallacy of The Human Capital Theory

By: Ms. Henry Human capital or human capitalism has become the explanation of the labor market and earnings inequality put forth by economists. While not a theory of racial and gender inequality in the labor market, this line of reasoning has major implications for minority and gender disadvantages in the labor market. Human capital is the education, skill levels, and […]

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