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The Female Orgasm: From one Man’s Perspective

The clitoris is the only organ on the human body made with just one purpose: pleasure.

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I Couldn’t Make Him Stop. I’m Sorry.

I run my hands over my thighs to smooth my skirt. I’m nervous so my leg is bouncing. I notice it and force myself to hold still then I smooth my skirt again. The big, fluffy arm chair I’m enveloped in is too comfortable. The dissonance between it’s squishy softness and the sharp, pointed tingling of my nerves is disconcerting. […]

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First Date

via C.C. She was taking her time getting dressed.  She wanted to look perfect for him. This was their first real date, one they both anticipated for awhile. The black dress she chose conveyed the message she wanted…sexy and daring, yet still sophisticated, one that let her be naughty…just for him.    The clingy material skimmed over her body, accentuating her curves.  […]

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Trauma, Sex and Bi Women

Authored by: Shiri Eisner * Trigger warning: explicit discussion of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Imagine a 14-year-old girl, just beginning her 9th grade. Her classmates know that she’s bisexual – she’s told them about it, assuming that (like her) everyone else is also accepting. But when she walks the hallways of her school, she often hears the word “lesbo” […]

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Prostitution Arrests, Fines and Banishment: Punishing the Victims

“Legalize, regulate, and tax it. Criminalization is a dead end, it always had been.” – Jesse

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A Study of What Men Want or Don’t

Said hypothesis claims that the way we think about sex is linked back to millennia of a shared and common experience…and that would be sex.

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Asexuals Aren’t Unicorns

A person who is asexual doesn’t experience sexual attraction to other people, regardless of sex or gender. Obviously, that doesn’t make them emotionless clay tiles though. Asexuals still have emotional needs and, like sexual people, fulfill them in a variety of ways.

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Primal Need

“Don’t move, don’t be afraid, just let go” as he says this I can feel my clothing being removed with such reverence that when he leans my back against his chest the adrenaline slithers away and leaves me in a state of stupor.

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The Cougar Phenomenon: Sex, Gender, and Love

By Alyssa Hart Cougars & Cubs!  Provocative articles have drawn attention to the cougar-cub phenomenon in recent years. Discussions invariably focus on the sexual dimension of the relationships and jokingly — sometimes unflatteringly — portray cougars as older women who “prey” upon younger men, or cubs.   These descriptions, however, miss the most significant and intriguing aspects of these relationships. While […]

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Beyond Pillow Talk

He had her number and he knew it. He watched closely and savored it, as she climbed atop the mattress and sighed deeply. He knew it from the first moment he laid eyes on her. Long tan legs, curves in all the right places, and eyes that sparkled with passion. Clearly she was ready; he simply had to lead her […]

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