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No One is Born a Man

Will I ever be a real man? I can feel my breasts moving inside my binder, rubbing together, I feel so uncomfortable. I struggle to breathe. I close my eyes to clear my head but then I fear someone may hurt me.

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by / on May 30, 2012 at 9:30 am / in Culture, Media, Society

Bystanders and Bullies: Using and Abusing Personal Power

As I think back on that time, I can find a way to feel sorry for Jared. Over the years since, I’ve learned that many bullies were themselves bullied or abused by parents, older siblings, or other authority figures.

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Why do so many right-wingers object to protecting gay kids?

By: Johann Hari Click here to join WHOF facebook page! (Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook) I am exhausted. I have spent all week trying to brainwash small children into being gay, by relentlessly inserting homosexuality into their maths, geography and science lessons. Their little eyes widened when the gay algebra lesson started, but it worked: their concept of “normal sexual behaviour” […]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools – An Analysis

By: James Daniels Many people would like to send their children to private schools. However, not everyone has the money to do so. With expenses such as taxes, groceries, housing, and transportation, there is often little room left to send little Johnny or Jane to a private school. The following is an analysis of the quality of education in each […]

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