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The Tea Party — Billionaire Scam?

Are politicians like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio populist Tea Party vintage or just tools of the very rich? Is the obstruction caused by Tea Party representatives in Congress really grass-roots, or is it runaway ideologues playing for attention and uncontrolled by their corporate sponsors (witness Tea Party circus scenes above)? The Tea Party […]

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It wasn’t until 1920 (the year of my 92-year-old mother’s birth) that we even had the right to vote. Certainly this is no time for us to squander that hard-won power. Did you see Gloria Steinem’s recent email (October 2, 2012), laying it out flat why women not only have to support Obama, but why we also have to vote? […]

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Pretty-boy Paul and Mundane Mitt!!

Joining forces in killing Robin Hood, the Ryan-Romney budget is the single largest transfer of wealth from middle and low-income earners to millionaires and billionaires in our country’s history.

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How do plutocrats screw you? We can only begin to count the ways.

By OcJim How is it that we allow misanthropes like Republican Representative Paul Ryan, city mayors, and other such actors for plutocrats abuse our law-abiding citizens for speaking out against them and their master class of the one percent? Before the Occupy movement became an annoyance for one-percenters, they could buy the offending party for a pittance, put them in […]

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