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THIS is Why #45 Thinks ‘A Good Relationship With Russia Wouldn’t Be So Bad.’

Trumpgate or Kremlingate? Just follow the money and connect the dots…

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Syria: Please Help us; World: Nah Fuck That

By: Malachi Cane In March 2011, the people of Syria took to the streets to protest after a group of students who displayed anti-government messages were brutally tortured by their government. In response to the protest, Syrian’s government responded with martial law, killing anybody that would dare talk against the government. These actions sparked anger among the people, and protests […]

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Russian Taboos

By Svetlana Ivanov If you’re planning a trip to Russia and have never been there before, be sure you’re prepared not to accidentally offend anyone with societal ignorance. Following is a list of Russian Taboos that you’ll want to know before embarking upon a country full of proper and sensitive people, but who are also eager to meet, learn and […]

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