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Why We’re Losing Ground in Bullying Prevention

I’ve been writing this blog article for about a week now, in my mind.  Each time I thought I was ready move it from my mind to my fingers and onto my keyboard, that voice inside me would say “wait!  not yet”.  Normally, I hate when that happens.  That usually signals to onset of another bout of Writer’s Block, every […]

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Why November’s Election is SO Important

This isn’t about politics, really. This is about loving and caring. This is about tolerance. This is more about right and wrong. And, it’s about survival.

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To My 7th Grade Self…

Maybe there’s something to this.  Last week, I did a bit of “time-traveling”.  Almost simultaneously, there was a powerful video released called “To My 7th Grade Self”.  Brilliant idea!  If only we could. Our collective minds were in the same place.  Telling my 7th grade self to get it together and move on would be a life-changing event.  I know that, now. […]

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Time Traveling

I was presented recently with a very interesting question:  “If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?”  Damn.  That’s deep.  So, I’ve spent the better part of several days pondering this question.  Here’s what I came up with.  Bear with me, here. Third grade, I had a crush on everyone in my class, […]

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Asperger’s Syndrome and Being Bullied

There was a very sobering video posted today on the facebook blog page, courtesy of Stop Teenage Suicide and Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook.  Sobering because it was a mother telling how her 5-year-old son had been bullied to the point where he wanted to die.  Five years old!!!  There can’t be a more resounding wake-up call than that. The story […]

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Love is ALL That Matters

Here’s the real deal: it is time for people to start speaking up for love, to start speaking up against hate…in all forms. It’s the only way we’re going to change our culture. It’s the only way we’re going to start seeing the incidences of bullying, hatred, violence and intolerance towards LGBT teens or anybody perceived to be different.

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Why It Matters To Me

Editors note: Ron Kemp is a blogger @ Enough is Enough and is featured as Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook‘s ‘Guest Writer of the Month’ for April, 2012. By Ron Kemp Twelve years old.  I’m on vacation in a little rural city named Portsmouth, VA.  My aunt, with whom I was spending the summer, prearranged with her friend and neighbor to […]

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Supporting Diversity Role Models

By Ron Kemp This is getting good.  Lately, there’s been more “good news” stories to write about than the heavy alternate.  I like that. In the U.K., there’s an organization called Diversity Role Models.  Their mission is to do just that:  provide role models for LGBT teens in an effort to help combat bullying and avoid attempted suicides. The movement […]

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100 Homophobes Tweet They’d “KILL Their Gay Child!!!”

By Ron Kemp Every time it seems we’re turning a corner on some of the madness we face, something comes along to remind us that there’s still plenty of work that needs to be done.  And, this one ranks right near the top of the list of the worst things I’ve ever seen. On Monday, March 12th, trending on storify was tweets to people’s […]

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Celebrating Acceptance: Dad gets “Born This Way” Tattoo!!

By Ron Kemp What a marvelous story of acceptance!!  At a time when we’re grasping and struggling for acceptance, at a time when we’re losing teen after teen after LGBT teen to suicide because of a lack thereof, we get this heartwarming story from Jessica Romani about her brother, Dylan. Dylan, who is bisexual, went through all of the usual […]

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