This Koch’s not for you!

A few months ago, the Washington Post looked inside the Koch brothers political empire[i].  The Post said, “The money flows through a complex maze of tax-exempt groups and limited liability corporations, creating multiple barriers that shield the identities of the donors.” Over twenty organizations are shown, but probably the…

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Five in Robes

In poetry, this is the story of the right wing takeover of the Supreme Court, aided by the consent of the Senate. Supreme Court rulings, in effect, appointed George W. Bush president in 2000 over Al Gore. It later reduced individual rights and enhanced those of large corporations. The…


Don’t Rot Your Brain!

By OcJim We have had the familiar panel-type talk shows for decades, including Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and the McLaughlin Group. More recently Candy Crowley, Christiane Amanpour and Fox News entries have entered the showroom, though the latter could easily be labeled as just right-wing rancor and…

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