Dragon Age: Warden vs. Champion
Artwork by goku252525

Dragon Age: Warden vs. Champion

By: Ashley Wrigley After the huge success of Dragon Age: Origins—a game worthy of the rarely deemed description of 100% perfect—the anticipation for Dragon Age 2 was barely containable. The game trailer was officially categorized under “epic” as Origins’ “Sacred Ashes” trailer had. In case you never saw either,…


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

By: Thomas Filkerie When I was first told that I just had to watch a silent film, that it would be for my benefit, I probably had the same reaction that most would have for the past fifty years: Why can't I just watch a film where the actors…


Bioware: All Their Endowments

By: Ashley Wrigley Sex sells. Fact. What sells better? Sex on the other end of a romance in a good story—or, at least, let’s hope so. It’s everywhere—in books, movies, and even video games. As viewers, we like seeing couples get together, share their first kiss, and even branch…

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