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Menthol Slim One-Twenty Blues: A Poetry Review on Walter Beck

Walter Beck’s poetry is not for the weak spined, new age generation who look for light at the end of every dark tunnel and believes that fairness can be doled out through the power of positive thinking. But they should read it, even if it’s force fed down their throats between their helpings of Wiccan poetry and spiritual healing books, […]

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Down The Abbott Hole: No longer turn a blind eye – Taboo Jive

‘Taboo Jive’ Review By: Brandon Abbott While searching for some community blogs, I came across Taboo Jive. This site is, as they state, is a virtual discussion board debating the controversial. And they do just that. I browsed the site a bit, and came across some very eye-opening topics including paraphilias (look it up if you don’t know,) teen pregnancy […]

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Dragon Age: Warden vs. Champion

By: Ashley Wrigley After the huge success of Dragon Age: Origins—a game worthy of the rarely deemed description of 100% perfect—the anticipation for Dragon Age 2 was barely containable. The game trailer was officially categorized under “epic” as Origins’ “Sacred Ashes” trailer had. In case you never saw either, I’ll link them at the end of the article for your […]

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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

By: Thomas Filkerie When I was first told that I just had to watch a silent film, that it would be for my benefit, I probably had the same reaction that most would have for the past fifty years: Why can’t I just watch a film where the actors talk? And then to find that it was made by a […]

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Bioware: All Their Endowments

By: Ashley Wrigley Sex sells. Fact. What sells better? Sex on the other end of a romance in a good story—or, at least, let’s hope so. It’s everywhere—in books, movies, and even video games. As viewers, we like seeing couples get together, share their first kiss, and even branch into the stage of intimacy. We connect to it. It moves […]

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Oscars, Oscars, Oscars: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By: Preciska Spelmonich As an Oscar virgin, so to speak, I had neither predilection nor any preconceptions of what the 83rd Annual Academy Awards would be like. As such, I believe that most of my observations are going to be trite, unprofessional, novice, and unimaginative. But nonetheless here goes. The Red Carpet event represented best Hollywood’s taste for the superficial. […]

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