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In the Name of God

In the Name of God

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There is Something About Mary Magdalene, Part IV

Unfortunately for Mary, misrepresentations where first popularized by the Church itself and those representations have become the source for the popular culture portrayals.

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Bisexuality, Sin and Self-destruction

By: Valarie Clark Why is it that over 40% of bisexual people have considered suicide?  The answer is a complex one, and I do not intend to speak for all bisexuals when I tell you a little of my own story.  I can speak to a few of the reasons that will resonate with folks who have been raised in a […]

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Q&A With Poet James Schwartz On Being Q&A

James Schwartz is the author of The Literary Party: Growing up Gay and Amish In America, a work of poems and short stories.   His poetry can also be found in Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets On the Mid-Western Experience, Milk and Honey Siren: A Nostrovia! Poetry Anthology and All Poetry is Prayer: A Fire Anthology.  He is currently at […]

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Female Circumcision: Man Myths and Mutilation

The word circumcise is defined as ‘the cutting off of the prepuce or clitoris’.  This age-old practice of mutilating the genitals was originally thought to be a religious rite, but nothing could be further from the truth. The history of both male and female circumcision can be traced as far back as the early 1800’s. As myths and scant documentation […]

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Religion: Purge the Nonsense – Keep the Sensible

The Four Horsemen have done us a great service. They have exposed religion to the eye of analysis and have declared with eloquence that not only is it not beyond criticism but in a civilized society its public examination is fundamentally demanded. They have exposed the horror, degradation, murder and rape that religion often fosters, the abuse heaped on children in the name of sanctity, and the extremists for their dangerous ignorance and denial of science.

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The Gay Marriage Issue

Marriage is more than a piece of paper. It confers numerous benefits, such as health, disability and life insurance, pension funds and tax refunds for spouses. Many gay couples desire to marry and partake in these benefits but have been denied this right because of their sexuality and that is not fair. According to some individuals, America is the greatest […]

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Stephen Hawking may have said it best when he asked, “Why did the universe bother to exist at all?” If all this is truly random and arguably meaningless, what, in nature’s name, is the fricking point?

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Stop the Pussyfooting – Male Genital Mutilation

I’m finding myself dismayed by the directions the debates brought on by a German court’s ruling – that the circumcision of male infants (which I will refer to as male genital mutilation or MGM from now on) is a criminal assault – are most often taking. I concede that a court criminalizing a practice that is considered important by two […]

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Finding My Religion

Thirty years has passed since I read “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret” by Judy Blume and I am still enthralled by Margaret’s dilemma because I have the same problem. The book is about a girl in sixth grade that grew up without a religious affiliation. Her mother is Christian and her father is Jewish, and the novel explores […]

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