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A Polyamorist View Of Monogamy

We think of monogamy as natural, but it’s actually quite advanced—the trouble is we default to it out of fear instead of choosing it consciously.

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A Letter to My Daughter

I don’t care if he puts his elbows on the table — as long as he puts his eyes on the way your nose scrunches when you smile, and then can’t stop looking.

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Date a Boy Who Travels

via Ramon Stoppelenburg @ Date a boy who treasures experience over toys, a hand-woven bracelet over a Rolex. Date the boy who scoffs when he hears the words, “vacation”, “all-inclusive”, or “resort”. Date a boy who travels because he’s not blinded by a single goal but enlivened by many. You might find him in an airport or at a […]

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Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels

via Adi Zarsadias @-> She’s the one with the messy unkempt hair colored by the sun. Her skin is now far from fair like it once was. Not even sun kissed. It’s burnt with multiple tan lines, wounds and bites here and there. But for every flaw on her skin, she has an interesting story to tell. Don’t date a […]

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Alyssa Hart Recently I heard about a woman who was struggling within a relationship that had become violent.  Concerned about the situation, well-meaning friends urged her to take her two young children and get out of the house.  I don’t know any of the people involved in this situation but the frustration they expressed is commonly heard:  “Why doesn’t she […]

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The Teddy Bear

…they found out that the most popular girl in school and her side kick had beat you up for looking at them wrong, for being, in their words, “a fucking dyke.”

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Mr. Mulberry

I am one of those unusual anomalies you find when thinking of political and ideological combinations: a male feminist. I proudly follow and support feminist voices, organisations, individuals and legislation in Britain, as well as the international feminist movements (such as increasing awareness of the Republican Party’s war on women, a literal and mainstream example of the inherent misogyny of […]

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They Thought They Knew It All

“He felt as if he had known her for his entire life. Yet she had still so much learn about him.”

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How to Know that You’re in a Controlling Relationship

In any culture or society, women or men can become victims of controlling relationships. Often the controlling behaviors may involve minor things and only over time become more controlling and painful.  The controlled partners in these relationships are leveraged in some seemingly innocent way and become focused on pleasing or going along with the controller just to avoid any major […]

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There is really nothing that special about me, and I don’t view myself as strikingly attractive but men of all ages and marital status seem to be drawn to me. I am quite the tom-boy and lucky enough to have a body to match, even thought I am well into my mid-fifties.

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