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No real genius at the top, just ruthless privilege

You often hear egregious chatter by apologists for the wealthy, conspicuously mouthed by puppeteers of the rich, who almost exclusively come from the Republican Party. They say that the opulent are the ultimate god-given product of a meritocracy. The corporate executives (like Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase, for example) are the brightest, the most gifted, and the hardest-working and smartest […]

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Where Has Public Trust Gone?

Somewhere near the beginning of the 1980s, the small surge in trust came with the leadership of Ronald Reagan whose engaging and can-do personality gave Americans a lift, that is until deregulation led to the Savings and Loan debacle, which taxpayers bailed out…

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Uncle ‘Turd Blossom’

Perhaps that would change if Democrats, like Republicans, exclusively showered big oil with gifts of lower taxes, tax credits and exemptions, along with the freedom to pollute.

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Our Future: Curse or Care?

By OcJim Who are the people responsible for the starvation of education in America and the heartless treatment of the vulnerable? We all have a role in this disgrace, but the biggest role can be laid at the feet of the rich — most notably, Wall Street marauders, conservative Democrats, and over-privileged Republicans. If you want to know the seemingly […]

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Obama’s Habeas Corpus Problem

By: Justin Finneston The news is aflutter with Obama’s recent issue of an executive order that effectively warrants the detainment of enemies of the United States deemed “terrorists” indefinitely. Constitutionally, the executive order is in the gray area. Historically, though, it’s not unprecedented. Most commentators seem to have forgotten the fact that Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a similar executive order […]

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By: Frank Tissle Editors note: Shared from The New York Times – Please consider the following insert while reading this piece… “The Republicans hoped to prove that the Solyndra loan was a political favor to wealthy investors with Democratic ties, chiefly George Kaiser, An Oklahoma billionaire. They have not made this case…nor have the Republicans succeeded in showing President Obama’s […]

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Donald Rumsfeld: The Aspartame Reaper

By OcJim There are many apt nicknames for Donald Rumsfeld. Of course, the media affectionately calls him Rummy, seeing a practiced smile like the photo on the bottom, an image of mirth at press conferences. Others find him malevolent, as characterized by the top two photos. They compare him to a snake, a cobra, or an animal which eats its […]

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Greed is Good…for the Greedy

By Jim Hoover Greed is good. Big government is bad, unless government (us) is bailing out the greedy. This bit of propaganda has infiltrated America since 1970, and gained momentum around the time that Ronald Reagan came upon the scene. Remember, he is the one that said, “Government is not a solution to our problem; government is the problem.” The […]

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Fox and Friends

By Jim Hoover Five faces tell the story – or stories, as it might be — of Fox News Network. It tells a narrative of angst and spectacle that bends minds, heaves hearts, presses attitudes, and makes pupils wide. Bill O’Reilly, a Fox news icon, is depicted with a swelled head, a condition often described by O’Reilly critics, who call […]

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