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Can We Talk?

We must not normalize on any level what is abnormal.

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Reverse Racism: A Credible Argument?

Yesterday, I had a discussion with a friend who was upset that he (a white man) had been discriminated against because he “didn’t get scholarship funding for school, but many minorities did because there are special programs set-up to improve their chances to get in for them — but not for him.” He continued on this whole rant of ‘reverse […]

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Following the Elections, Racism and Intolerance Takes Center Stage in the U.S.

With Election 2012 now in our rear-view mirror, President Obama re-established as our leader for the next 4 years, and equality winning huge around the country, the hate mongers are coming out of the woodwork!  From National Organization for Marriage’s leader, Tony Perkins, all the way down to high school kids, the level of sheer hatred and intolerance is deeply […]

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Race Woman No More

Feminism fascinated me greatly because I was taught from childhood that a black woman is supposed to suppress her feminist leanings in order to support the Black man…

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Searching for Assata

Reading about Ms. Shakur’s experiences brought up feelings of pain and anger…Imagine being convicted for the murders of two people, one of them your best friend and you are innocent.

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The Racist Next Door

According to statistics, whites are going to be the minority in this country by 2042, so some whites are running around like chickens with no necks, worried about keeping their notions of white superiority intact.

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Uprooting Racism and Homophobia

“I’m a Christian man and I command a Christian ship! I will not lead men into sin!” ~Captain Thomas Davies (Roots) I recently watched the 1977 television miniseries Roots again, and discovered, again, why it was such a huge hit when it premiered: a sweeping saga about an American family, riding the arc of history from their free ancestral home […]

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A Letter From a South Side Apartment

A couple of years ago, I read Dr. Martin Luther King’s A Letter from a Birmingham Jail and I was mesmerized by the passion and anger in his words and although we are in the second decade of the 21st century, his words still resonate. This letter I am writing is my tribute to him for giving his life for […]

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Ron Paul’s Ineptness

By: Jack Synten Since James Kirchick’s 2008 discovery of Ron Paul old (though not that old) newsletters from the nineties, Paul has been back-tracking quite a bit. His newsletters expose Paul’s tendencies towards the conspiratorial, as he espouses ideas that a “race war” is soon to begin, the IRS is going to send agents to people’s house with AK-47s, and […]

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Justice Department Finds Bias in Arpaio’s Methods

By: Geoffrey Yonil One of the most well known sheriffs in the country, Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona, is being accused of being a racist by the Justice Department. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise when considering the largesse of complaints compiled over the years since he began his sheriffdom in 1992. Thomas E. Perez, assistant […]

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