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Can We Talk?

We must not normalize on any level what is abnormal.

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Your Blackness is Not My Blackness So Please Stay in Your Lane

The social media can be both a curse and a blessing. It is a blessing because you have the opportunity to read the viewpoints of millions of people. However, it is also a curse because very often, you are also exposed to the ignorant arrogance of people. Especially when it comes to defining “Blackness” because some Black folks have declared […]

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Social Problems and the Mass Media

The mass media is important in examining social problems, both how they are born and how they persist.

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Critical Thinking for the Common Good

I learned that although the history of African-Americans is one filled with pain, we are survivors and have much to be proud of. In our veins, flow the blood of kings and queens who fought and died for their beliefs and who would be saddened by the state of their descendants who have forgotten where they come from.

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My Racist Neighbor

Since Adam and Eve, man had a special connection to the ‘rib’ I quickly pointed out to Melissa X. In addition, barbecue or the art of cooking over fire, dated back to the caveman! I defended my manhood, my race, and above all, my ribs, with gusto and hard-hitting facts like those pointed out above. Still adamant in her racist views, Melissa X repeated her initial claims.

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The Social Construction of Race in Western Society

In the age of the First Black President of America, racial rhetoric and hatred is running rampant on the Internet and spewed out of the mouths of politicians for political gain. However, what most people do not realize is that race is a socially constructed ideology. Race and subsequent racism was created by White Europeans and Americans in order to […]

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City Within A City – Parkway Gardens Apartments

By: Ms. Henry This is a tale of a city within a city. This city suffers from neglect, apathy and contempt for its citizens.  On block after block, apartment buildings, shacks for all intent and purposes, look down upon the streets in dismay and is surrounded by broken beer bottles and broken dreams. Job and educational opportunities are limited. The […]

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If I was White, Female and Privileged for One Day

By: Ms. Henry First of all, before I write this essay, I would like to state that I love being a black woman.  I love the beautiful brownness of my skin, my hair which is a crown that has anointed me Queen of my universe, my full lips, slanted eyes, and the strength of my ancestors who have dealt with […]

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