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Dope vs Pope?

Whom will you follow? Whom will you listen to — the red-cheeked fat man on the left or the kindly-looking ascetic wearing the pope hat on the right? Since his choosing in March of this year, Pope Francis has become somewhat of a spiritual rock star, charming Catholics and non-Catholics alike – many of them, anyway — with his statements […]

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Why Do Americans Hate Poor People So Much?

Being poor in America sucks big time especially in a materialistic society such as the one we currently live in which a person is judged not for his character but about the amount of money he makes, the car he drives and the neighborhood he lives in.

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From Redeemer to Marketeer

One question might loom for both the Republican candidates and all of their current colleagues: Why are your hearts, your souls and your minds focused on helping only the rich and abandoning the less well-to-do?

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Epidemic of Butt-Ugly

By Jim Hoover The repugnant, the brain-dead, the mediocre, and the ugly seem to be accepted parts of our Republican political scene. Just witness what is euphemistically called the Republican debates. Each debate seems to be speaking for developmentally disabled, gradually working toward repulsive, and scoring a crescendo in total butt-ugly. The so-called debaters and the ragtag audience seem to […]

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Makes Me Wanna Holla

Living in the inner-city will suck the joy out of life if you have the misfortune to live there. Who wouldn’t be depressed about being surrounded by ignorant male youth lounging aimlessly on the corners bragging about the women they used to have, foul-mouthed, uncouth young women fighting over unemployed men, and older folks so beaten down by life that […]

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The Pursuit of UnHappyness – Poverty in America

By: Ms. Henry In the United States, disparities between rich and poor have risen sharply and individuals are increasingly unlikely to escape from their economic position. There are few stories of how someone made it from “rags to riches,” and families are increasing their annual working hours, if they have jobs. According to research, income inequality is far greater in America than […]

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