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Driving in the Rain: A Heartwarming Journey from Loss to Resilience

Hockett has written a captivating story which quickly engrosses the reader: it’s impossible not to care about what happens to this young widow and her two young children.

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The Marrying Kind: “Worth” Reading

In his debut novel, The Marrying Kind, Ken O’Neill demonstrates a keen ear for dialogue and a sharp eye for human behavior. Add to these his dry wit—I laughed, long and loud, several times—and the sum is a wonderful entertainment, loads of fun to read, and very satisfying. Steven Worth writes for the Gay New York Times, a fact that […]

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The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris

By: Vivian Wychil To be honest, I bought this book when a local Borders was going out of business because the company filed for bankruptcy and all their products were about fifty percent off. I could not honestly sit here and tell you that I would’ve read this book under any other circumstances. With that said, though, I have no […]

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