No matter how I try to approach something meaningful to say, it falls short. I must confess to being extremely overwhelmed by the barrage of memes, points of view, pontification, heated opinions, heartbreaking images, and politics of it all. It's just so many words, not one of which can…


OutKast — ATLiens

ATLiens is the second studio album by American hip hop duo OutKast, released August 27, 1996 on LaFace Records in the United States. Its title is a portmanteau of "ATL" (an abbreviation of Atlanta, Georgia) and "aliens". The album was very well received by music critics upon its release,…


Foo Fighters – Everlong

"Everlong" was written against the background of the break-up of Dave Grohl's first marriage to photographer Jennifer Youngblood. Having returned home to Virginia for Christmas 1996, Grohl turned the initial riff into a complete song and wrote the lyrics after falling for a new woman, "That song's about a…


George Michael — Too Funky

"Lyrically, the song is a basic, animalistic plea for sexual activity. It features a clip from The Graduate; Anne Bancroft's line of "Would you like me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?" is repeated during the final crescendo. The song then ends with a sample ("Will you stop…


Crash Test Dummies — Mmmm Mmm Mmmmm

Each verse describes the isolation and suffering of a child, two of whom have a physical abnormality; a boy whose hair has prematurely whitened from shock and a girl covered in birthmarks. The third child is a boy whose parents take him with them to their church, where they 'shake…


Snow (Hey oh) — Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Snow (Hey Oh)" is a song from the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Grammy–winner 2006 double album, Stadium Arcadium. The song was released as the follow-up single to "Tell Me Baby" on November 20, 2006 and became the band's third straight number one hit on the Billboard Modern Rock chart, a spot…


Tom’s Diner — Suzanne Vega

"Tom's Diner" is an a Capella pop song written in 1981by American singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega. It was first released as a track on the January 1984 issue of Fast Folk Musical Magazine. The "Tom's Diner" of the song is Tom's Restaurant in New York City, which was later fictionalized as Monk's Cafe in Seinfeld. The song is written as a…


Skid Row; 18 and Life

"The song was written by guitarist Dave Sabo after he read a newspaper article about an 18 year old named Ricky who was sentenced to life imprisonment for accidentally shooting his friend. "18 and Life" is the second single from Skid Row's 1989 eponymous debut album. The song was…

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