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Privatized Elections Trump Democracy

More and more, multi-millionaires and billionaires are hiding behind patriotic-sounding organizations that do their bidding – many paying no taxes – to marshal mercenary companies who in turn outsource to professional snoops and trackers secretly collecting data, and hiring production companies which produce attack ads against political opponents. With Citizens United campaign funding, political parties are becoming an afterthought. In […]

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Not in my Frack Yard

Why do we feel no sympathy for Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, not to speak of former Tea Party leader, Dick Armey. Both are suing  Bartonville Water Supply Corporation  to stop the building of a 160 foot water tower “monstrosity” adjacent to Tillerson’s $5 million Bar RR Ranch and Armey’s $2 million property, both near Dallas? The complaint is that the […]

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ALEC: The Corporate Republic Voting With Money?

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization which seems to masquerade as a force for public good. Effectively, it functions as a front for large corporate interests, composed of corporations, think tanks and members of state government. Its contributions accrue great benefits for the rich. It is a big reason right-wing ideas are taking over in […]

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Getting Fracked II

It’s a tale of ravage, rape, ruin, and nondisclosure – the latter only if you develop some leverage over the money and power behind what can be the fracking scourge. Sound like a soap opera? Don’t we wish! But a soap opera can be turned off and committed to oblivion. Fracking can be a plague with maybe 45% odds against […]

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Sandy Hook Massacre: Why

The Sandy Hook massacre, a happening too grim and heart-rendering to allow ourselves to even fleetingly dwell on, is the 62nd multiple slaying since 1982 (Mother Jones). As the most tragic, it will replace all other massacres we have maintained in our memories. For Sandy Hook, our reflexive question is how is it possible to murder innocent children? We want […]

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Rick Scott’s Link to Republican Proprietors?

Can there be a more despicable person than Florida governor, Rick Scott? This is a man who – at least after the campaign for his election — has consistently shown his scorn for the majority of Floridians. How does a state composed of mostly sane people support such a misanthrope? The truth is, if favorability ratings matter, they don’t. In […]

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We’ve Been Gamed

With all this effort on the Democratic side and money on the Republican side, they still get the lying, smiling face of Scott Walker for maybe 3 or more years, the plutocratic hand-puppet.

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Equal Justice for Some

Since the start of the financial crisis, Wall Street criminal activity has resulted in no arrests or prosecutions.

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Oogling Google

By Midnite Writer  With the anticipated unveiling of Google’s new privacy policy March 1st, it has raised new concerns about the vulnerability of internet users’ identity and the theft or mishandling, thereof.  No matter where you go on the internet, you are being watched…..tracked….stalked by Cyber Voyeurs.  With every click of your mouse, they stick their cyber needle into your […]

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It’s Not Capitalism, It’s Viral, Mutant Capitalism That Hurts

This two minute story may answer a lot of questions and concerns about capitalism and how it’s taken advantage of… What’s your view? Please comment below or give a Star Rating approval! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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