Liar, Liar!! Pants on Fire!!

By OcJim Here is one Romney campaign  lie!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the facts disputing that lie: Between October 2009 and the present, the unemployment rate has fallen from 10 percent to 8.1 percent. In October 2009, there were 129.5 million Americans with full-time jobs. Today, there are 133…


Cantor and Kyl: Clowns for the Rich?

By Jim Hoover Two clowns, Rep. Eric Cantor and Senator John Kyl, performers for their real ringmasters, the rich, walked out of bicameral bipartisan debt ceiling talks. Ironically, the elephant in the meeting room still remained. Not the Republicans, but the obvious fact that these meetings, for the Republicans,…


American Idolizing

By: Realea C. Phillips As if Fox News isn't bad enough already with their lean to the right BS. Now the local news affiliates spend the first 15 minutes filling their time slot with useless updates about American Idol contestants. This is newsworthy? And even if you watch the…

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