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Trip to Sobriety: Psychedelics and Addiction

The idea of ingesting a drug to combat addiction to another substance may seem strange to some, to others, heretical. There is however an ever growing body of research to back up the use of certain drugs for combating addiction, and the most promising of these are the psychedelics. These substances are well suited to this task, in that they […]

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Hemp: Plant of the Future

via Sam Gandy Hemp History Cannabis is utterly unique among plants in it’s incredibly versatility and what is has to offer Mankind. It is an incredible gift from Nature. No other plant has so many potential uses, it having over 25,000. It was one of the earliest domesticated plants and has been used for at least 12,000 years by many […]

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Cannabis: The Healing Herb

Cannabis…just say ‘know’ Cannabis is the most popular illicit substance in the world, and prior to aspirin was used in as the primary pain reliever in the Western World. It is non toxic, and is near impossible to overdose on, and deaths are extremely rare (and linked to pre-existing conditions). Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the key psychoactive compound of cannabis, has been […]

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If You had the Power to Change One Thing…

Just for the record, at the time of this bit being posted we’re approaching the end of March, 2012. In an effort to get some answers and feedback on some of the more controversial topics facing our nation today, we decided to ask our fans and following audience on Facebook to articulate a message to the following question, for a […]

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Cannabis: The American Sacrament

By Kenny Smith In an intriguing piece written for the New York Times, journalist David Segal traces out some of the early consequences of President Obama’s October 2009 announcement that federal law enforcement will no longer prosecute users and suppliers of medical marijuana, provided they are in compliance with state laws. In Colorado, where a November 2000 amendment to the […]

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Why You Should Smoke More Pot

By: Jack Herer The average lifespan in the United States is 76 for a man and 78 for a woman. But if you smoke pot morning, noon and night, you will live an average of two years longer than if you don’t. People who smoke pot but don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol will live approximately 8 to 24 years […]

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War on Drugs: The Internal Fight We’re Losing

By: Daniel McCombs I thought that by quitting drugs a few years ago I would be able to finally get behind the War on Drugs, and see all of its benefits. But four years clean has shown me the exact opposite. A fifty year war that takes billions of tax-payers’ money per year (perhaps several trillion if you calculate its […]

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The Truth About Marijuana

By: Sean May I wrote this article to discuss what many people have been misinformed about. I intend this to bring up a bunch of subjects and interesting debates for good conversation and not the typical “MAKE IT LEGAL!” stoner rambling. It seems pretty clear when you have all the facts in front of you that it shouldn’t be illegal, […]

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Hello Reefer, Goodbye Welfare

By: Gina Volpe Another day, another reason to stick my head in the oven. The latest black cloud on the horizon? Several states are considering laws that would require drug testing for welfare recipients, including those who receive unemployment benefits. I understand having to pass a drug test when you have a job, but now you have to pass a […]

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