Cannabis: The American Sacrament

By Kenny Smith In an intriguing piece written for the New York Times, journalist David Segal traces out some of the early consequences of President Obama’s October 2009 announcement that federal law enforcement will no longer prosecute users and suppliers of medical marijuana, provided they are in compliance with…


The Truth About Marijuana

By: Sean May I wrote this article to discuss what many people have been misinformed about. I intend this to bring up a bunch of subjects and interesting debates for good conversation and not the typical "MAKE IT LEGAL!" stoner rambling. It seems pretty clear when you have all…


Hello Reefer, Goodbye Welfare

By: Gina Volpe Another day, another reason to stick my head in the oven. The latest black cloud on the horizon? Several states are considering laws that would require drug testing for welfare recipients, including those who receive unemployment benefits. I understand having to pass a drug test when…

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