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Trans Life

In the spring of 2012, I was hired as a middle school science teacher. The experience alternately elated and terrified me. One of the most terrifying moments came in March. I was discussing genetics with the 8th grade, trying to teach them the basics in time for the state’s standardized science test, which was only a couple of weeks away. […]

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Time and Me and Shakespeare Too

Never thought this rebel without a cause would find a way to make it into my third decade… But somehow life held me close and kept me around to take on the role of wife and mother.

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Losing My Mother

I got off the bus and slowly walked across the street on route to the hospital. It was a cold, dreary evening and snow was everywhere and my mother was dead.

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Teaching Fledglings To Fly

From the first breath, first day of school, first prom, first heartbreak until the parent’s last breath, the fledgling’s flight is of paramount importance, just like nature.

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Bring On The Night

I think of them as the ghosts of my soul. They visit me often in these sleepless hours. They are all the loved ones I miss and admired.

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Science and Math: Perils of Modern Thought

By: Daniel Bisch Does science and mathematics accurately reflect the reality of life? Of course, this is opposed to subverting essential qualities of life. Can it be arguably asserted that science and math even have a rightful place within society? The question might seem obvious, and you may think I’m insulting your intellect by presenting the question. But there is […]

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Emily hugged her knees to her chest a little tighter.  It was going on eleven pm. Eight hours, it was her mantra. In eight hours the sun would crack through the March sky and give her some relief, some warmth and some safety.  She hated the night time with a passion.  Eight, eight, eight, she hummed to herself rocking a […]

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It was the saddest day of my life. No one expected it to happen, it just did. She was so healthy…I guess that’s why He took her so soon. My name is Erika, and I go by Piglet. It’s a nickname that my mother gave me when I was born, because I was born premature and I almost didn’t make […]

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Kate pulled a potato out of the bin and sniffed it.  It was good.  She threw it on the chopping board and began slicing it with one of her huge kitchen knives. “So let me get this straight,” she said, “they put it in front of you and you didn’t know what it was?” Mark shook his head, “No, I […]

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Theology Lesson

“The key to a good marriage is not letting the little things bother you.” Vincent put two fingers in the collar of his shirt and pulled it away from his visibly sweaty, skinny neck.  “The day to day habits of your spouse that may irritate you beyond measure should count for nothing.”    Here he paused for dramatic effect.   “For instance, […]

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