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A Traveling Woman

In the spring of this year, a decision that I made last fall will come to fruit and will change my life profoundly for better or worse. I will be leaving Chicago, the city where I have resided my entire life to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Employment opportunities in Chicago are scarce and the daily urban violence is slowly killing […]

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The Racist Next Door

According to statistics, whites are going to be the minority in this country by 2042, so some whites are running around like chickens with no necks, worried about keeping their notions of white superiority intact.

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Obama, Achiever; Republicans, Deceivers

By Jim Hoover Acrimony and lies are so much a part of Republican rhetoric that we need a full-time monitor just to catch and register the breadth and the scope of Republican fabrication, for it is rampant. We also need a historian to research the wild references made by demon–image-mongers (see above) running for the Republican nomination, not to speak […]

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Don’t Cry for Mitt — or Keystone

By OcJim President Obama made an important announcement: as currently planned, the Keystone Pipeline will be dropped. The response from Republicans was predictable. I do get tired of right wing lies, like John Boehner’s claim that the Keystone Pipeline would create 100,000 jobs. Even more brazen and divorced from truth, the National Chamber of Commerce even claimed 250,000 permanent jobs. […]

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The Sheriff Says: Hands Up

By Jim Hoover Have you ever considered the toll imposed by the so-called “job creators”? And don’t forget our role in this agenda-inspired phrase, “job creator”. This plaint is part of rote learning conservatives want to impose on the rest of us. The meaning is clear. Corporate executives are creative and productive. The rest of us are slugs, dependent upon […]

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Be My Jobs Czar — Pretty Please

By Jim Hoover I can remember that when JFK was president in the 1960s, he gave credence to the best minds in America and routinely utilized them for important advisory and cabinet positions in his administration. Contrarily George W. Bush seemed to brag about his own mediocrity, demonizing the intellectually elite while he appointed business cronies to important positions in […]

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America: Fiddling Toward Decline

By Jim Hoover You remember hearing the legend that depicted Roman Emperor Nero as fiddling while Rome burned and was mostly destroyed by fire in 64 AD? The truth of the legend is irrelevant. What is relevant is that corruption and narcissism were endemic in Roman society at the time, leading to a decline that no one – leaders or […]

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The Pursuit of UnHappyness – Poverty in America

By: Ms. Henry In the United States, disparities between rich and poor have risen sharply and individuals are increasingly unlikely to escape from their economic position. There are few stories of how someone made it from “rags to riches,” and families are increasing their annual working hours, if they have jobs. According to research, income inequality is far greater in America than […]

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