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A Real Imagined Community

The Paralympics have finished, the euphoria has died down, and the weather is quickly getting colder. After one of the most blistering, enjoyable and exhausting Olympic/Paralympic games in modern history, this small island is fast reverting┬áback to the┬ástatus quo and hurriedly forgetting this extremely brief diversion. In Britain it is September, which means the beginning of the latest education cycle, […]

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By: Ivory Fleur I was so nervous that I was shaking. I think the girl behind the counter mistook me for underage because of that. Or maybe it was just a rule, but I didn’t see her card anyone else who came in before or after me. I studied the floor as she read the identification that proved I was […]

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A Critical Thinker’s High Powered Perception; Who are you, really?

Gangaji investigates the most important question you will ever ask yourself. Who Am I….Really? This video was created by Kosi, a student of Gangaji, for more information about Gangaji please visit Sit back, relax and enjoy a powerful 9.5 minutes of therapy and beautiful scenery. For more info about Kosi and/or to see more videos like this; please visit […]

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