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Part II Emily Paints Faces

Editor’s Note: Here’s the title and link to part 1 of Emily’s story —>  ‘Happy‘ It had been six months since Emily had been found on the doorstep of Pula’s Funeral Home.  True to his word Paul had set her up with a job as his make up artist.  The  last one had finally quit after getting pregnant because she could […]

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Emily hugged her knees to her chest a little tighter.  It was going on eleven pm. Eight hours, it was her mantra. In eight hours the sun would crack through the March sky and give her some relief, some warmth and some safety.  She hated the night time with a passion.  Eight, eight, eight, she hummed to herself rocking a […]

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Fat, Dumb and Happy!

by Jim Hoover Conservative America would like to keep the bulk of Americans fat, dumb and happy. That is the outgrowth of the conservative building of a proto-fascist country, dominated by large corporations. Activity in Republican-controlled states and the House of Representatives, show the ideas of right-wing corporations like Koch Industries. If the Koch brothers have their way, private ownership, […]

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