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If You Hate Taxes & Government, Please Kindly Stop Doing The Following…

Many right-wing sources of media coerce people on a mass scale into railing hard against things like paying taxes and Government. The problem is these people don’t fully think about how they’re actually railing against their own interests. In addition to a long list of goods and services, Government is our only hope, through legislation, at keeping things like dirty […]

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Hate The Government?

Discussion topic submitted by: Scott Hacker, Taboo Jive blogger/admin Just a few thoughts on this line of thinking. When it comes to venting, be sure your anger and frustration are aimed in the right direction. People who rail so hard against the Government need to understand that Government is the only system set up in place to regulate corporations. Why?…because […]

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The Painful Truth: Capitalism is a Zero-Sum Game

via Harry Targ @ –> Heartland Radical Mitch Daniels knows a few things about finances and managing a budget. He was director of the Office of Management and Budget under President George W. Bush, president of Eli Lilly and Company’s North American Pharmaceutical, governor of Indiana, and currently president of Purdue University. … Daniels spoke about the harmful impact of […]

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This American Angst

This American Angst I suppose it began on September 11th. In fact, I know it did. It was the day I realized the whole world had changed, not just my own. A sense of vulnerability never felt in my lifetime emerged, and hasn’t left since. As a baby boomer raised on American might and exceptional expectations, the realization we could […]

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CISPA: Your Internet Service Provider and Your Rights

Called “the son of SOPA” by its critics, CISPA was designed to provide a safer Internet to its users; however, the approach that the government has taken to attain this goal is costing its users their privacy.

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North Carolina: Separate Is Not Equal

The North Carolina Legislature got the amendment on the ballot by a single vote last fall, one vote in the legislature that could ultimately lead to enormous and unpredictable damage. And LGBT couples and families are not the only citizens who would be negatively affected by passage.

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The Lamest Duck

Since our government has no fixed term of office (unlike most civilised nations), Cameron can push back his termination of office to 2015, but how he could ever rescue the possibility of re-election seems non-existent. (I say ‘re-election’ for sake of argument; the reality is no one voted for this Frankenstein’s monster of a government.)

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Kony 2012

By: Geoffrey Yonil I imagine that if you clicked on this link to read this article, then you probably already have some idea of what Kony 2012 is, presumably. If you don’t, then I’d advise you read about it on Invisible Children, Inc.’s website, since they could do a much better job at explaining the situation than I ever could. […]

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Life of Pi?

Maths sucks. This is a universal fact, accepted without hesitation by generations of schoolchildren for decades. It’s hellishly difficult, labyrinthine in its endless complexities and, on rare occasions, can end up driving you suicidally insane. Though most of us don’t descend to that level of frustration, the vast majority of us can comfortably agree that mathematics is a discipline seemingly […]

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Syria: Please Help us; World: Nah Fuck That

By: Malachi Cane In March 2011, the people of Syria took to the streets to protest after a group of students who displayed anti-government messages were brutally tortured by their government. In response to the protest, Syrian’s government responded with martial law, killing anybody that would dare talk against the government. These actions sparked anger among the people, and protests […]

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