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Trans Life

In the spring of 2012, I was hired as a middle school science teacher. The experience alternately elated and terrified me. One of the most terrifying moments came in March. I was discussing genetics with the 8th grade, trying to teach them the basics in time for the state’s standardized science test, which was only a couple of weeks away. […]

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Triple Consciousness and the Black Woman

W.E.B Du Bois was a brilliant man. He was an important contributing factor to the new social science named sociology and one of the greatest writers of the African American experience. He introduced the concept of “Double Consciousness”, the way that African Americans viewed themselves, individually and as a group, through the eyes of the society they live in. “It […]

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Intersex, Part One: Biology, Medicine, and Society

There are two sexes within the human species that are opposites, right? And they’re determined by the configuration of a person’s chromosomes or what their genitalia look like, right? You are either male or female, and either way it’s all really simple and clear. Or is it? Nah, come on, nature is never that boring. I am, of course, talking […]

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Gendertrouble – A Personal Account

Gender’s a beast, I’m telling you. Not so much all on its own, but because of how society treats it. To most people, it’s binary, fixed, and tied to what your genitals look like. I deliberately said “what your genitals look like“ instead of “your sex“. Most people believe sex is determined by the looks of your genitals and – […]

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Social Problems and the Mass Media

The mass media is important in examining social problems, both how they are born and how they persist.

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A Study of What Men Want or Don’t

Said hypothesis claims that the way we think about sex is linked back to millennia of a shared and common experience…and that would be sex.

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Asexuals Aren’t Unicorns

A person who is asexual doesn’t experience sexual attraction to other people, regardless of sex or gender. Obviously, that doesn’t make them emotionless clay tiles though. Asexuals still have emotional needs and, like sexual people, fulfill them in a variety of ways.

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The Cougar Phenomenon: Sex, Gender, and Love

By Alyssa Hart Cougars & Cubs!  Provocative articles have drawn attention to the cougar-cub phenomenon in recent years. Discussions invariably focus on the sexual dimension of the relationships and jokingly — sometimes unflatteringly — portray cougars as older women who “prey” upon younger men, or cubs.   These descriptions, however, miss the most significant and intriguing aspects of these relationships. While […]

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My Racist Neighbor

Since Adam and Eve, man had a special connection to the ‘rib’ I quickly pointed out to Melissa X. In addition, barbecue or the art of cooking over fire, dated back to the caveman! I defended my manhood, my race, and above all, my ribs, with gusto and hard-hitting facts like those pointed out above. Still adamant in her racist views, Melissa X repeated her initial claims.

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Part III Emily Loves Annie

Immediately their wedding photo popped up on the screen. It was taken by Paul. He caught them just as they had mushed cake all over each others faces. They were so…happy.

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