Trans Life

In the spring of 2012, I was hired as a middle school science teacher. The experience alternately elated and terrified me. One of the most terrifying moments came in March. I was discussing genetics with the 8th grade, trying to teach them the basics in time for the state’s…


The Cougar Phenomenon: Sex, Gender, and Love

By Alyssa Hart Cougars & Cubs!  Provocative articles have drawn attention to the cougar-cub phenomenon in recent years. Discussions invariably focus on the sexual dimension of the relationships and jokingly -- sometimes unflatteringly -- portray cougars as older women who “prey” upon younger men, or cubs.   These descriptions, however,…


My Racist Neighbor

Since Adam and Eve, man had a special connection to the ‘rib’ I quickly pointed out to Melissa X. In addition, barbecue or the art of cooking over fire, dated back to the caveman! I defended my manhood, my race, and above all, my ribs, with gusto and hard-hitting facts like those pointed out above. Still adamant in her racist views, Melissa X repeated her initial claims.

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