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Ryan’s Ode to Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was a novelist, an atheist, and a philosopher, especially beloved by libertarians and conservative, free-market advocates. Her belief in “rational self-interest” saw virtue in greed and evil in altruism. Her philosophy helped justify the conservative agenda of reverse Robin Hood, giving to the rich and taking from everyone else. Republicans, including Paul Ryan, like to parrot her ideas […]

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The Fallacy of The Human Capital Theory

By: Ms. Henry Human capital or human capitalism has become the explanation of the labor market and earnings inequality put forth by economists. While not a theory of racial and gender inequality in the labor market, this line of reasoning has major implications for minority and gender disadvantages in the labor market. Human capital is the education, skill levels, and […]

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Ray’s Boom Boom Room – Vol. 1: Japan; Heart Attack Grill; Wisconsin; March Madness

By: Ray Rife Welcome to Ray’s “Boom-Boom” Room. This is a weekly review of anything that interest Ray, the proprietor. The idea is to give you a weekly look at how I view the world, which I’ve been told is a bit off the beaten path. I don’t expect you to agree with me, just think, laugh, cry or whatever […]

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Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

By: Denise Fabec  In the last few years, we certainly have been living up to our reputation as a free nation.  With the outsourcing of jobs, corporate cutbacks, and millions of square miles of empty commercial property on hand, it has most definitely become a buyer’s market for goods and services.  Our economic structure has now been flooded with people […]

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