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Hidden Camera Investigation Reveals An Oil Change Scam

Dishonesty in the workplace isn’t always just between co-workers or bosses and employees. An undercover investigation into an Oil Change & Service chain revealed some shocking and quite blatant FRAUD happening right in front of the customers. Customers were lied to, sold products and services they didn’t need, and in most cases NONE of the work was even performed! Watch […]

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A Poem to Mitt, the Twit

By OcJim A twit they do say, your Romney’s a twit, One day with the Britts, and they’re roiled to fits. His manner distasteful, his lies do offend, He appears robotic, since his body won’t bend. He must lie faster, than you can fact-check the truth, Getting any true statements is like pulling a tooth. The masses don’t know, he […]

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