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Hopping on Board

By: Daniel Minsaul Characters: Q and T SCENE ONE (Two men or women sitting at a table.) Q: Do you hate me? T: (sardonically) Yes, absolutely. Q: Don’t kid with me. I’m being serious. T: As am I. Q: Why do you hate me? T: Because you ask me questions like, ‘Do you hate me?’ Who does that? Q: That […]

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Toilet Shooters

By: Victoria Mennel Tim and Jerry stand a hundred yards from their projected goal. Two mildewed toilets sitting on a flat surface. Both men hold a nine iron in one hand and a can of Budweiser in the other. The morning is crisp with promise, they agree. Tim wears his lucky trousers with the zipper that never works and a […]

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Primal Need

“Don’t move, don’t be afraid, just let go” as he says this I can feel my clothing being removed with such reverence that when he leans my back against his chest the adrenaline slithers away and leaves me in a state of stupor.

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Existential Thoughts in Suspension

By: Robert Mynatt “Do you think people living on other planets have the same existential questions that we do?” “What are you talking about?” Zach and Mell lay in separate tanning beds in preparation for going to the desert for their annual one-week vacation to escape the coldness of the city. Their skin simmered and the room permeated with the […]

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By: Ivory Fleur I was so nervous that I was shaking. I think the girl behind the counter mistook me for underage because of that. Or maybe it was just a rule, but I didn’t see her card anyone else who came in before or after me. I studied the floor as she read the identification that proved I was […]

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2,000 miles of Post-it Notes

By: J. Elizabeth Lawrence Day One The first post-it read: Dearly beloved I have dearly departed. She pushed the bright yellow square against his door and wandered out of the house. The sun was glowing orange on the horizon, announcing the new day. It had been a year and 2,000 miles since they had braved this particular trip but the […]

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The Forever Clock

By Erin Curtice Can’t someone kill me… please? I hope you’re out there; maybe some psychic working for the police or someone who has visions. If you can hear me, I’m in Room 217 of the County Hospital. Surrounded by medical staff who marvel at my condition. If only they knew. Here I lay, in this hospital bed. I’m unable […]

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Saving Spaces

“Are you ever going to get over this?” Ed asks me with annoyance. “Unghhh.” I say without looking at him, my tongue angrily probing the hole between two teeth. He knocked one out last summer. Accidentally, we were moving a couch. “What? Oh Jesus, you’re not poking at that hole again are you? Go to the dentist already. I said […]

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Around the Way Girl

By Kathy Henry Editor note: This was one of our runner-up stories from January’s writing contest submissions. Thank you Kathy, well done! x – TJ Everyone thought she was a stupid, uneducated slut. She didn’t finish high school or have a job and her only occupation in life was a different man every day and night of the week. Not […]

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