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The Weight of Feminism

“As a society, we encourage girls and women to be emotionally accessible, and in touch with their feelings; we say that it’s an innately feminine trait. We say it, that is, until they have feelings that make us uncomfortable, at which point we recast them as melodramatic harpies, shrieking banshees, and basket cases.” – Tori Amos Call me a feminist. Go […]

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Mr. Mulberry

I am one of those unusual anomalies you find when thinking of political and ideological combinations: a male feminist. I proudly follow and support feminist voices, organisations, individuals and legislation in Britain, as well as the international feminist movements (such as increasing awareness of the Republican Party’s war on women, a literal and mainstream example of the inherent misogyny of […]

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Race Woman No More

Feminism fascinated me greatly because I was taught from childhood that a black woman is supposed to suppress her feminist leanings in order to support the Black man…

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Gender Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gender inequality has maintained the suppression of women worldwide and unfortunately has impacted Sub-Saharan Africa with the greatest magnitude. Everyday in these countries are countless occurrences of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse that must be acknowledged as a primary concern for governments across the world. A prime example of gender inequality is the use of rape as a weapon of […]

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Sexism Run Amok, Amok, Amok

By: Ms. Henry As a woman who lives in America, the land of the supposed free, it is always amazing to me that it is always men who will never be pregnant or have to worry about the messy entanglement of a unwanted pregnancy because they have the option of walking away, yet are always the main individuals who shout […]

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