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Fiscal Cliff: Latest Ploy in Shock Doctrine!!

By OcJim Americans have been purposefully exposed to such a protracted campaign of pure bullshit for so long that we might not even smell it. The current media-fed fantasy of the “fiscal cliff” is such a case. The metaphor of an immediate, irreversible fall over a precipice of unalterable disaster has been gleefully seeded by radical conservatives and consciously or […]

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Lifeless in Gaza

A few days ago Israel began yet another systematic campaign of destruction against Gaza. Israel has always been ‘at war’ with the Palestinian citizens trapped in the enclaves of Gaza and the West Bank, but since Israeli settlers moved away from the Gaza Strip in 2005 there has been an increasingly violent campaign focused specifically on the 1.7 million people […]

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Rick Scott’s Link to Republican Proprietors?

Can there be a more despicable person than Florida governor, Rick Scott? This is a man who – at least after the campaign for his election — has consistently shown his scorn for the majority of Floridians. How does a state composed of mostly sane people support such a misanthrope? The truth is, if favorability ratings matter, they don’t. In […]

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Mitt Romney: No Future For Our Children

In 2006, Romney’s administration refused to let an anti-bullying guide be published because it contained the words “bisexual” and “transgender”.

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Carpal Tunnel Brain Syndrome

By OcJim Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common ailment that causes swelling of the nine tendons in your carpal tunnel, causing pain, numbness, and discomfort in your hand and fingers. Carpal Tunnel Brain Syndrome involves repetitious attacks on your frontal lobe, inducing emotional and ill-advised decision-making. We have been tied to the theory that learning tedious subjects like mathematics, your […]

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Arnold: Totally Recalled

By OcJim I always record Sixty Minutes on Sunday evening. It not only gives me the opportunity to skip the commercials but also to fast forward through segments that either don’t interest me or race past shallowness I can’t abide. Yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger got high-speed fast-forwards. I consider Arnold representative of what is wrong with our cultural values, relative to […]

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Why Do Americans Hate Poor People So Much?

Being poor in America sucks big time especially in a materialistic society such as the one we currently live in which a person is judged not for his character but about the amount of money he makes, the car he drives and the neighborhood he lives in.

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A Real Imagined Community

The Paralympics have finished, the euphoria has died down, and the weather is quickly getting colder. After one of the most blistering, enjoyable and exhausting Olympic/Paralympic games in modern history, this small island is fast reverting back to the status quo and hurriedly forgetting this extremely brief diversion. In Britain it is September, which means the beginning of the latest education cycle, […]

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Ryan’s Ode to Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was a novelist, an atheist, and a philosopher, especially beloved by libertarians and conservative, free-market advocates. Her belief in “rational self-interest” saw virtue in greed and evil in altruism. Her philosophy helped justify the conservative agenda of reverse Robin Hood, giving to the rich and taking from everyone else. Republicans, including Paul Ryan, like to parrot her ideas […]

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Wipe Out Transphobia: Emma Bailey

Shared via Wipe Out Homophobia After Wipe Out Transphobia’s recent rise in popularity and boost in numbers, I asked the creator, Emma Bailey if she wouldn’t mind giving us a little more background on her page, community and mission…. 1. What made YOU become an online activist? After I came out, a number of things happened to me. I got involved in […]

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