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No One is Born a Man

Will I ever be a real man? I can feel my breasts moving inside my binder, rubbing together, I feel so uncomfortable. I struggle to breathe. I close my eyes to clear my head but then I fear someone may hurt me.

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Republicans as Traitors?

Now I know, in this polarized nation – extreme division fostered by conservatives forces (the age-old adage of divide and conquer), forces which for two generations planned the rise of a corporate state, it is commonplace for GOP demagogues to call opponents traitors – President Obama, for example.  But Ted Cruz fits the definition like a tailored glove, and a […]

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No real genius at the top, just ruthless privilege

You often hear egregious chatter by apologists for the wealthy, conspicuously mouthed by puppeteers of the rich, who almost exclusively come from the Republican Party. They say that the opulent are the ultimate god-given product of a meritocracy. The corporate executives (like Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase, for example) are the brightest, the most gifted, and the hardest-working and smartest […]

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Trans Life

In the spring of 2012, I was hired as a middle school science teacher. The experience alternately elated and terrified me. One of the most terrifying moments came in March. I was discussing genetics with the 8th grade, trying to teach them the basics in time for the state’s standardized science test, which was only a couple of weeks away. […]

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This American Angst

This American Angst I suppose it began on September 11th. In fact, I know it did. It was the day I realized the whole world had changed, not just my own. A sense of vulnerability never felt in my lifetime emerged, and hasn’t left since. As a baby boomer raised on American might and exceptional expectations, the realization we could […]

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Dumb Grid, Dumb Congress

The 90s: twenty mass power outages a year, Today we have a hundred, I fear. Extreme weather events, while Congress snores, And down a proverbial rat hole, some $50 billion pours.   A century ago, we funded progress and beyond, And laid power grid foundations — now Congress yawns Population rises, technology explodes, but leaders and leadership simply implode.   […]

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A Traveling Woman

In the spring of this year, a decision that I made last fall will come to fruit and will change my life profoundly for better or worse. I will be leaving Chicago, the city where I have resided my entire life to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Employment opportunities in Chicago are scarce and the daily urban violence is slowly killing […]

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A New Generation is Coming To Power: Generation WE

The largest Voting Generational Block in the country – surpassing the Baby Boomers are ‘The Millennials’ a.k.a Generation WE, born between 1978 and 2000 at 95 million people compared to 78 million Baby Boomers. Generation WE is the first generation to inherent a nation in decline. To give you a better sense of them and their mission — The following […]

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No matter how I try to approach something meaningful to say, it falls short. I must confess to being extremely overwhelmed by the barrage of memes, points of view, pontification, heated opinions, heartbreaking images, and politics of it all. It’s just so many words, not one of which can force the clock back and save those twenty little children and […]

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Is There Really Any Question about Choice?

We need to look at the heart-breaking, painful, or distressing circumstances behind many women’s choice for abortion in order to approach this topic with the integrity it deserves.

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