A Pugnacious Tagg Romney

Tagg Romney, Mitt Romney’s eldest son, has reason to wax pugnacious against President Obama, and it’s not likely that it’s just Mitt’s honor that Tagg is defending. Apart from defending a campaign strategy he reportedly forged in the last two weeks, Tagg and investors in Tagg Romney’s firm, Solamere…


Finding My Religion

Thirty years has passed since I read "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret" by Judy Blume and I am still enthralled by Margaret’s dilemma because I have the same problem. The book is about a girl in sixth grade that grew up without a religious affiliation. Her mother…


Through the Looking Glass

Imagine the pastor of your church telling you that heterosexuality is an abomination, and a sin against God, that it’s in defiance of the Bible, but that the church will still love you even though you are a sinner, and that if you just pray hard enough, and perhaps seek psychiatric attention, you may just be able to be cured of your perversion.


My Racist Neighbor

Since Adam and Eve, man had a special connection to the ‘rib’ I quickly pointed out to Melissa X. In addition, barbecue or the art of cooking over fire, dated back to the caveman! I defended my manhood, my race, and above all, my ribs, with gusto and hard-hitting facts like those pointed out above. Still adamant in her racist views, Melissa X repeated her initial claims.

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