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To un-friend, or not to un-friend…is there really a question?

Do you just remove them from your social media life entirely, even if you still love and respect them in general?

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The Censors Are Coming

And what’s more troubling is that Facebook would let a page that “prays for the death of President Obama” stand while deleting a liberally leaning political one. It makes no sense, and implies a great and deep lack of fair play and ethics on Facebook’s part.

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Wipe Out Transphobia: Emma Bailey

Shared via Wipe Out Homophobia After Wipe Out Transphobia’s recent rise in popularity and boost in numbers, I asked the creator, Emma Bailey if she wouldn’t mind giving us a little more background on her page, community and mission…. 1. What made YOU become an online activist? After I came out, a number of things happened to me. I got involved in […]

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Chick-Fil-A: Real Chicken, Real Hate

Advocates for equality try to take the high road, because battling hate with hate doesn’t bring progress.

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HollyMae’s Tune Of The Day

I am aiming to choose my music tracks from all across the board; films, radio, tv (mostly sci fi), computer games and god help me, even the Eurovision Song Contest.

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WHOF: Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook

By: Thomas Drendil WHOF’s mission: To make everyone equal, because equal rights aren’t equal until everyone has them! Since 2010, Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook (WHOF), with a simple yet powerful message and virtual platform, has been combating the negative imagery that many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals have to deal with on a daily basis from ignorant, uninformed and […]

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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Straight Alliance

This week Taboo Jive is recommending a Facebook page that has something for everyone. About: “Everyone of every sexuality supporting each other. Equality For All! Not Some! Get the latest news and videos here on LGBT issues.” Mission: “Working for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Equal Rights. One by one we can achieve this. “Individuals who get involved make all […]

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Freedom for Survivors

“The best two things women can do to utilize their strength in this country is to organize in solidarity for their legal rights and use their power in voting for the political party that best supports their interests” – Unknown All the controversy surrounding reproductive rights in the U.S. has woken up a sleeping giant around the world: WOMEN. We’re currently experiencing […]

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Oogling Google

By Midnite Writer  With the anticipated unveiling of Google’s new privacy policy March 1st, it has raised new concerns about the vulnerability of internet users’ identity and the theft or mishandling, thereof.  No matter where you go on the internet, you are being watched…..tracked….stalked by Cyber Voyeurs.  With every click of your mouse, they stick their cyber needle into your […]

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A Taste of the Social Media

By: Erin Cosin A Taste of the Social Media is a conglomeration of interests converging onto one page. Whether you’re into politics, religion, protest, science, international news, or just something to make you laugh, A Taste of the Social Media is a one-stop-everyman’s shop of internet goodies brought to you packaged into a single fan page. Not only is A […]

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