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Rick Scott’s Link to Republican Proprietors?

Can there be a more despicable person than Florida governor, Rick Scott? This is a man who – at least after the campaign for his election — has consistently shown his scorn for the majority of Floridians. How does a state composed of mostly sane people support such a misanthrope? The truth is, if favorability ratings matter, they don’t. In […]

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Chicken Little Confirmed: Financial Chaos Coming!

The announcement of disingenuous Speaker of the House, John Boehner, threatening a worse fight over a budget ceiling, could mean even more dire consequences. Boehner’s announcement was somewhat subdued this time, revealing dull, fish eyes.

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Uncle ‘Turd Blossom’

Perhaps that would change if Democrats, like Republicans, exclusively showered big oil with gifts of lower taxes, tax credits and exemptions, along with the freedom to pollute.

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Empire or Bust

By: James Daniels The involvement of the United States’ military in the Middle East is well known. In recent years, the mainstream media has covered the events in Afghanistan and Iraq on a daily basis. However, these are not the only places with US forces, not by a long shot. When I ask most people about how many nations they […]

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