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Why the Dying See Their Deceased Relatives Before They Go

Following the death of my Mom, I am more open to the idea that something amazing (like my father being there to take my mom away) may occur.

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No matter how I try to approach something meaningful to say, it falls short. I must confess to being extremely overwhelmed by the barrage of memes, points of view, pontification, heated opinions, heartbreaking images, and politics of it all. It’s just so many words, not one of which can force the clock back and save those twenty little children and […]

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Lifeless in Gaza

A few days ago Israel began yet another systematic campaign of destruction against Gaza. Israel has always been ‘at war’ with the Palestinian citizens trapped in the enclaves of Gaza and the West Bank, but since Israeli settlers moved away from the Gaza Strip in 2005 there has been an increasingly violent campaign focused specifically on the 1.7 million people […]

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The Crying of the Elephants

The herds had been away for one and a half years, till that fateful Sunday, when they came marching back. How did they know that their human friend was gone so suddenly?

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Losing My Mother

I got off the bus and slowly walked across the street on route to the hospital. It was a cold, dreary evening and snow was everywhere and my mother was dead.

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It was the saddest day of my life. No one expected it to happen, it just did. She was so healthy…I guess that’s why He took her so soon. My name is Erika, and I go by Piglet. It’s a nickname that my mother gave me when I was born, because I was born premature and I almost didn’t make […]

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Death of a Planet

By OcJim Feckless Republicans and mealy-mouthed Democrats are willing to forsake the livelihood, indeed the future of the planet, for a comparatively few shekels and short-term comfort. To justify their impersonation of viable human beings, many say that climate change, supported by 99% of the world’s scientists, is a fraud. Are you going to believe a politician who is on […]

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Vaccines and my Surprise

By: Penelope a.k.a. Hippie Liberal Momma I have to admit, I am surprised with all the so called “radical ideas” that I address – my vaccine posts attract the most opposition. Is it really that strange to think it’s a bad idea for me to listen to the government about how many vaccines we should be getting? Especially when they’re […]

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Revisiting Kurt Cobain’s Death

By: James Daniels Listen to any rock station on the radio and you may think Nirvana is alive and well. Their hits are still playing widely across most major radio stations. Likewise, you can still find their albums at any major retailer. Thus, to any Nirvana fan out there, it may be hard to believe that April 8th, 2013 will […]

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